Tuesday, August 25, 2015

¡El Verde Señor!

¡Que mas?

Well, this week has been kind of a crazy one!  It is still pretty humid here, but luckily our house always has water.  But for like two days this week we had no power.  No fans, no fridge, no clocks, and coincidentally the water doesnt get drawn up to our apartnment (3rd floor) when there is no power.  Kinda hard to sleep and study like that but just a perk of the nametag :)  I almost like this weather than the cold of Otavalo.  To top that off EVERY morning people walk up and down the streets selling bleach, verde (plantains), brooms, and fish.  THEY SHOUT AND WAKE US UP!  But how they say things just makes me laugh. :)

We have been working hard this week with lots of investigators! Hans (10 years old) passed his interview and will be baptized this Saturday! We are too pumped! Hopefully it wont fall on Friday again jk.  We are also working with Jorge.  He is the husband of a recent convert who really only wants to be baptized for his wife.  We are helping him with his testimony. Cristian is the brother of a member and is very open to the church and asked US if he could be baptized.  Adrian is also the brother of a recent convert family and he just has trouble coming to church.  He loves to learn though!  Cristian, Jorge, and Adrian all have a baptismal date for the 19th of September.  Please pray for them!

We were also able to have our interviews with President Richardson this week.  That is why I am writing today and not yesterday.  But what I loved what what Sis. Richardson told us about weaknesses.  She said that God gives us weaknesses to be more humble.  By confronting and conquering them we show that we need Christ more in our lives.  She also said that we need to give THANKS for our weaknesses.  By doing so we show thanks that the Lord has given us difficulties to make us stronger and more like Him.  Really powerful woman.  Y´all should talk to her someday.  They live in Sandy.

Well, thats about it for this week.  Elder Apaza has turned me into his personal trainer and he has lost about 10 pounds since Ive been with him.  He is just super funny.  Knows a lot of little funny phrases in English that make me crack up.

I know that this is the true Church of God.  I love the Stick of Joseph. READ IT!

Go kill it this week aight?

Elder Lomeli

One of Elder Apaza´s favorite phrases in English haha

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