Monday, April 25, 2016

Ladies of the 80´s

"Im so excited! And I just cant hide it!"
"Oh Mickey yo so fine, yo so fine, ya blow mah mind! Hey Mickey!"

The cyber that I am in plays 70´s and 80´s classics every time we come in to write!  Like Elder Bednar said: "If you cant do anything about it, ENJOY IT."  

Anywho, this first week here in Cayambe has been a little rough and I was really starting to complain a bit.  But then God blessed us with a tender mercy.  We were able to put a baptismal date with someone!  His name is David and we just rescued his brother, so we hope to get him wet on the 21st of May.  

Elder Andonaire is pretty cool.  He plays lots of instruments and convinced me to buy a Kena, or a wooden flute thing.  He is going to help me learn how to play a few songs and himns.  It is made with bone and everything, so its the real thang.  I made him help me clean the house and we made a bargain that he will wash the dishes always and I will always sweep and mop :)  I win.

Also right now there is a pretty big thunderstorm outside and the lightning is touching ground (we are really high up) so it feels like little earthquakes.  We are hearing more and more news about the people in the coast and the country for the first time that Ive seen is helping out pretty selflessly.  If only we could all give like that even when a disaster doesnt strike.  If we are prepared, we wont fear, so how could we mulitply that to all of God´s children?  Answer: Mosiah 2:17.

Cayambe is famous for bizcocho.  Its like a really buttery cookie bread thing.  We are going to Quito today for a training that President called me to.  Cayambe out!

Elder Lomeli

Monday, April 18, 2016

MNN: Missionary News Network

By popular request from all callers today, we will start out today´s segment with a special look inside Saturday´s tragic sequences.  Elder Lomeli, live on the scene, has more info for us.

Elder Lomeli: Thanks Jim.  As you can see from all the news reports that have been given in the last couple of days, there has been an earthquake in Eucador.  There were two missionaries the Comite del Pueblo that were in the chapel when the incident occurred.  Subjects say that the quake felt like the ground was shaking back and forth, and in a circular motion for about 4 mintues.  Spectators say that the two missionaries decided to make the most of their situation and dance a little, with the excuse that the earth was dancing as well.  The power was out for about a day, and the Elders ran home and gathered clothing and the emergency supplies by the door incase another incident occured.  The Elder from Utah states that it was his first time in an earthquake, and consequently slept in his shirt, tie, shoes, etc, to be able to bolt out the door of their 4 story apartment and a moments notice.  Ongoing news reports that the missionaries are safe and out of harms way. Back to you Jim.

Wow what a week!  No, the earthquake didnt make any change in the assignments or anything, at least for our mission.  And, even though the highways are destroyed, the only highway going to the coast, the one the missionaries ALWAYS take, recieved minimal damage.  God wont let the work slow down due to a little rumblin stumblin fumblin if ya know what I mean.

I got changed!  I am now back in Otavalo, or more like in between Otavalo and Quito in a town called Cayambe.  My companion is Elde Andonaire, who is yet again, from PERU!  This little joke is starting to wear off on me haha.  But, I am excited and ready to elevate this branch like we were able to do in Comite and Collaloma.  I think a big reason I am here, is to just CLEAN THE HOUSE!  I swear President sends me to the most dirty houses to make them somewhat clean.  Wish me luck, may need a gas mask for this one :)

With the earthquake this week, I realized something very important about being prepared.  We always talk about having the food storage ready and the 72 hour kits ready at a moments notice.  But are we as prepared spiritually?  Have we repented enough to stand clean before God?  In Alma 34 he teaches us that we cant wait till the last moment to try to clean ourselves.  It was ironic becuase at 8:00 the next morning, about 300 people walked out of the catholic church, most likely with the intention to confess.  Them priests made bank!

I hope all had a great week, and are reading the Book of Mormon.  Just git ér done!

Elder Lomeli

Divisions wit Elder Day from St George

With the Bravo family

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during a zombie apocalypse?  I can tell you how!  Coming to Ecuador, and try to get onto a bus, rain or shine.  Push, shove, scream, and crying kids!  Its legit!

So uh, yeah! We had some baptisms this last Saturday!  Natalia, Gladys, Johanna, and Isaac all were baptized!  I was able to baptize Isaac and Elder Ureta baptized Johanna, but they both had to do it twice becuase their feet flew out of the water!  The bishop baptized Gladys and it made the biggest indoor tidal wave ever recorded.  It got the witnesses a little wet :)  We sang some songs from the red hymn book from way back in the day and it was all in all a knockout baptismal service!

Other than that it was a pretty calm week.  With the splitting of our sectors we have to start from scratch becuase we worked mainly in the other one.  We have had some nice encounters with some Jehovah´s Witnesses and all sorts of new dogs.  Even saw a woman get robbed at 3 in the afternoon.  It was kind of her fault for wearting 5 inch heels though.  Makes it easier to fall.  (Note.  Dont wear heels in Ecuador).

We just got back from a killer Pday BBQ as a zone.  A member than has tons of money grilled and let us use their three story house that has billiards, fooseball, soccer field, and a trampoline.  Even showed the other Elders how to sink 6 balls in two shots on the pool table.  Kid still got it.

Have a great week and keep listening to those conference talks!  They are truly inspiring!

Elder Lomeli

Johanna and Isaac

Natalia and Gladys (Check out that guys haircut!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple in Quito say what?!

"If there were perfect women, why would she want anything with you?" -Pres. Uchtdorf

That is easily one of my favorite quotes from Conference :)  As all heard, there will be a new temple here in Quito! But the catch is that we dont know exactly where yet.  My guess would be that it will actually be built 2 hours north in Otavalo, but the members here took it literally that it will be built in Quito. I dont believe so due to all the crime and vandalism there is here in the city.  Time to start making plans to come to the dedication!

Baptism update!  It took me a while, but I realized that we had found the family of 4!  We just are baptizing them on different days!  Fabian and Maricela were baptized last week, and their kids, Johanna and Isaac will be baptized this coming Saturday!  Family completed!  Natalia and Gladys will also be baptized this coming Saturday.  We are too pumped!

Lately we have been a little stressed due to the size of the two sectors that we have to work in.  But, our prayers were answered when I recieved a call last night that they were going to put two new missionaries in one of the wards!  They came today, and it will definitely make the work a lot more effective here.

I LOVED conference! I was pretty sad to see how fast the whole thing went, but the Spirit was so strong!  I especially love Pres. Nelson´s talk in Priesthood session about priesthood power.  I watched the whole thing on the computer with Elder Crist, from Provo.  To have some fun, we brought tons of food, and teased a few members of the various choirs that performed.  And yes, we screamed our heads off when Pres. Monson made the announcement about the temple!

It rained a lot this week.  I didnt have an umbrella, so I cut a hole in a garbage bag and wore that all week.  Kids screamed from the windows :"Mom! That guy doesnt have any arms!"  Pretty funny.

Congrats Corey on the engagment!  Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

Best rain guard :)

Choir teasing :)