Monday, April 18, 2016

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By popular request from all callers today, we will start out today´s segment with a special look inside Saturday´s tragic sequences.  Elder Lomeli, live on the scene, has more info for us.

Elder Lomeli: Thanks Jim.  As you can see from all the news reports that have been given in the last couple of days, there has been an earthquake in Eucador.  There were two missionaries the Comite del Pueblo that were in the chapel when the incident occurred.  Subjects say that the quake felt like the ground was shaking back and forth, and in a circular motion for about 4 mintues.  Spectators say that the two missionaries decided to make the most of their situation and dance a little, with the excuse that the earth was dancing as well.  The power was out for about a day, and the Elders ran home and gathered clothing and the emergency supplies by the door incase another incident occured.  The Elder from Utah states that it was his first time in an earthquake, and consequently slept in his shirt, tie, shoes, etc, to be able to bolt out the door of their 4 story apartment and a moments notice.  Ongoing news reports that the missionaries are safe and out of harms way. Back to you Jim.

Wow what a week!  No, the earthquake didnt make any change in the assignments or anything, at least for our mission.  And, even though the highways are destroyed, the only highway going to the coast, the one the missionaries ALWAYS take, recieved minimal damage.  God wont let the work slow down due to a little rumblin stumblin fumblin if ya know what I mean.

I got changed!  I am now back in Otavalo, or more like in between Otavalo and Quito in a town called Cayambe.  My companion is Elde Andonaire, who is yet again, from PERU!  This little joke is starting to wear off on me haha.  But, I am excited and ready to elevate this branch like we were able to do in Comite and Collaloma.  I think a big reason I am here, is to just CLEAN THE HOUSE!  I swear President sends me to the most dirty houses to make them somewhat clean.  Wish me luck, may need a gas mask for this one :)

With the earthquake this week, I realized something very important about being prepared.  We always talk about having the food storage ready and the 72 hour kits ready at a moments notice.  But are we as prepared spiritually?  Have we repented enough to stand clean before God?  In Alma 34 he teaches us that we cant wait till the last moment to try to clean ourselves.  It was ironic becuase at 8:00 the next morning, about 300 people walked out of the catholic church, most likely with the intention to confess.  Them priests made bank!

I hope all had a great week, and are reading the Book of Mormon.  Just git ér done!

Elder Lomeli

Divisions wit Elder Day from St George

With the Bravo family

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