Monday, April 25, 2016

Ladies of the 80´s

"Im so excited! And I just cant hide it!"
"Oh Mickey yo so fine, yo so fine, ya blow mah mind! Hey Mickey!"

The cyber that I am in plays 70´s and 80´s classics every time we come in to write!  Like Elder Bednar said: "If you cant do anything about it, ENJOY IT."  

Anywho, this first week here in Cayambe has been a little rough and I was really starting to complain a bit.  But then God blessed us with a tender mercy.  We were able to put a baptismal date with someone!  His name is David and we just rescued his brother, so we hope to get him wet on the 21st of May.  

Elder Andonaire is pretty cool.  He plays lots of instruments and convinced me to buy a Kena, or a wooden flute thing.  He is going to help me learn how to play a few songs and himns.  It is made with bone and everything, so its the real thang.  I made him help me clean the house and we made a bargain that he will wash the dishes always and I will always sweep and mop :)  I win.

Also right now there is a pretty big thunderstorm outside and the lightning is touching ground (we are really high up) so it feels like little earthquakes.  We are hearing more and more news about the people in the coast and the country for the first time that Ive seen is helping out pretty selflessly.  If only we could all give like that even when a disaster doesnt strike.  If we are prepared, we wont fear, so how could we mulitply that to all of God´s children?  Answer: Mosiah 2:17.

Cayambe is famous for bizcocho.  Its like a really buttery cookie bread thing.  We are going to Quito today for a training that President called me to.  Cayambe out!

Elder Lomeli

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