Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quemados Training Camp

We just go out of boot camp in Otavalo.  We played quemados which is basically dodgeball, but with toilet paper wrapped in tape.  For almost an hour we played THOSE WITH MORE THAN 18 MONTHS vs. those with less time.  In all, it was like 7 against 16, but those 7 could all catch, throw and throw hard so we won.  Fun to pound on the younger missionaries once in a while :)

We are having a bit of a hard time right now in the sector.  Its big and we are always having to travel to Otavalo and it eats time.  David didnt come to church, but we are looking for those that want to progress.  Pray that we can find someone that will progress soon, we kinda need it to keep the spirits up.  The house is clean though, so that helps :)

We are wet, tired, sore, and hungry.  Sounds like scouts but Young Men, its a whole new level.  You get all the fun, but you get to shower.  This work is great.  I cant wait to call this Sunday!  I love ya all....when yer asleep.  Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

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