Saturday, May 21, 2016


"So you been out here long? Hah! An eternity... Ive almost got less months than youve got years!"

No dont worry. Im not trunky.  But this will be a short one as there is little time left! Crazy how much cool stuff there is to see on Mormon Channel.  This week we have made an attempt to visit the members and ask them lots of references.  We didnt have too much success, so we are going to do it again this week! Yay!  I also have a killer talk in church about the Sabbath Day and left some members in a daze.  But I felt it needed to be done and the branch president thanked me for it and was waiting for a while for someone to give a talk like that.  

We also got to go to a baptism for a kid in the ward! His name is Henry and he asked me to baptize him.  The water was FREEZING and the poor kid came gasping out of the water like I had just drowned him.  Umm...okay kid, we had investigators there and are now afraid of me.  Haha no just kidding it was a great experience and the Spirit was felt for sure.

Danny and Diego are doing well for their baptism.  Oscar on the other hand seems to be dwindling.  He commits of come to church but doesnt show up.  Pray for him that he can find a job here in Cayambe and have the desires to come to church.

I learned a lesson the hard way too.  We were walking up on the mountain to visit Danny and Diego and to save time, we decided to cut through a corn field.  Well, there wasnt a sign that said there was 4 inches of standing water under the inch of dirt.  Shoes got super wet and muddy.  Oh well though.  Mission probs.  

I love being a missionary.  Time goes fast and the work hastens on.  I know this is all true.  Proverbs 3:5-6.  

God Speed,

Elder Lomeli

So capturing.....

Photo Shoot on Divisions with Elder Parker

Watch where youre walking, they said. 

 Henry´s Baptism!

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