Tuesday, May 10, 2016

C´mon Barbie!

Life in plastic, its fantastic!

This week was pretty good, especially since I could call home!  So good to know that all is well and that the food there is still delish.  We have three investigators with a baptismal date all for the 28th of May! Two are brothers named Danny and Diego who are 10 and 12 and then we have Oscar who is 27 (he is rasta!)  We are super excited for them and have lots of faith that all will work out.

It was a madhouse taking Danny and Diego to church though.  We took the bus about 20 minutes outstide of Cayambe and were waiting to take the bus back around 8:30, thinking it would give us enough time to get to church.  FIVE buses didnt stop to let us get on becuase they were too full.  First time Ive experienced that in the mission, cuz normally its like a can of sardines!  We got to church late, but we got there and they were able to retain their baptismal date ;)

Since this last week was 5 de Mayo, I made the hint to a family that we needed to have some Mexican food and celebrate.  They had me make burritos, but they made a point to not make it spicy (Ecuadorians cant take the heat apparently).  But it was delicious and they really liked it.  

Im not really sure what to do with my hands right now, because I said all the good stuff yesterday in the call.  This week "Im a Barbie Girl came on when were on a bus to Otavalo.  Being the only one that knew the words, I gave em a little show hahaha.  Then one of the counselors in the branch presidency here told me that I could be a Ken Barbie.  

Still gotta celebrate 5 de Mayo, even if its a day late 

The Golden Question 

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