Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Choclo Frito

Hey so I dont got lots of time this week cuz we get back from Otavalo late but here we go! Danny and Diego passed their interviews this week! They are going to be baptized this coming Saturday! We are too pumped.  We also had a killer lesson with Oscar.  He was feeling pressured by us to be baptized and had stopped talking to us for a while.  We went over and had a super spiritual lesson with him.  We told him that we would put less pressure on him if he keeps his commitments!  He accepted and we hope that he will be baptized soon.

I had my FINAL INTERVIEW with President Richardson this last week.  We had an interview a litle big longer than normal since I have been with him for almost two years. He gave me one last piece of advice that has stuck with me: "Just enjoy it".  Sometimes I stress out about the little things and dont slow down to enjoy the blessings I am recieving.  He did say that I will most likely end my mission here in Cayambe, but to live it to the fullest.

Me and Elder Andonaire (Skywalker) have been a little "chiro" this week, meaning that there is little money.  So an hermana gave us some corn and we pan fried the corn....pretty delicious.  Thats what we ate this week with some oatmeal if we behaved good.  

We are doing well.  If you have any questions or comments, talk to my secretary.  She can be found when I find one :)

Congrats on the Eagel Dyl!

Elder Lomeli

Interviews are stressful

What ya gotta do when your bed has fleas...


  1. EW!!!! I've heard of beds having Tics, but FLEAS?! I used to be paranoid when I was younger, once I learned that spiders can get into your bed, and climb on your pillow. I'm still a bit nervous, but that was one reason I didn't go to summer clear creak. Too afraid of spiders and bugs. *shudders* just got the chills. You go Trav! I know you never read this, but hopefully you'll get the chance after your mission. Get that bug spray, and turn off the lights!!!! hahahaha. - Shelby

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