Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Wanna Kick It

🎶Mini missionary here born and raised,
And I think its about time to set the world ablaze!
And all I ever wanted to do, get a suit pair of shoes,
And leave for TWO!
If Im in the North Pole o` someplace sunny,
I`ll give Amulek and Alma a run fo their money! 🎵

Well peeps, another change has come and gone.  We finished our last cita and it was raining last night.  We call the district leader and he told us to go home and wait for the changes.  What does he do?  Comes at 5:00 in the morning!  We thanked him by throwing a water balloon at him while it was still dark.  Dont worry though, the rain had him more wet than the balloon.  My new comp is Elder Ureta!  And you guessed it! He is from PERU!  Woohoo another one.  Elder Roney stayed in Quito, just to a part with more malls and things to buy.

We have been contacting and looking for families all week, and still we havent found "the one".  We are getting close though, I feel it.  We do have an investigator named Jessica that has a date for the 6th of February.  She is progressing very nicely.  Ricardo on the other hand, hasnt been keeping his committments so we had to drop his date.  We wont give up on him though.

So this week me and Elder Roney threw tons of water balloons at dogs (we are prepping for carnaval) and we got some good reactions.  And we always see this  dog with a bloody, pussy, popped tumor on it hind end.  Its gross.  No such thing as neutering dogs here.  They have the hippy motto.

We had another week of terrible food choices.  They were delcious nonetheless.  We bought a burger every other night and made coconut chocolate smoothies at home to go with it.  A member served a mission in Mexico and made us a plate called "discada".  Its basically a taco with beef, pork, bacon, ham, chorizo, and hot dogs.  It was heavenly, and yes I have the recipe :)

Ok time to be a little spiritual.  This week in sacrament meeting a speaker said a quote that I like a lot.  He said "God wont give us revelation until He is sure that we are going to obey it."  That is very true.  We a lot of times ask for help from God, but our hearts arent willing to obey quite yet, so He witholds it for a time.  Gives a new perspective to fact that God answers prayers in His own due time.  I know that God answers prayers.  I know that sometimes we need to be the answer oursleves.  I know God loves us and will always be there to guide us.

Have a great week! Oh and BTW Elder Holland is coming to the mish soon :)

Elder Lomeli

Only the best English Tutors bring banana splits for Latinos when they pass level 11 :)


Burger with cocochoco shake :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where's the Beef?

Herro erryone!

This week was pretty dang good let me tell ya.  We are still going pretty well with Ricardo, but he has some trouble reading and praying.  The exact opposite of the rest of the investigators I have had on the mission.  They normally dont come to church.  We just have to try to help him have real desieres to accept the Gospel, and not come just for the girlfriend....We are optomistic though.  We still havent found the family of 4, but we will not give up the search.  We might have to put an Amber Alert out here in Quito for that family haha.  But we WERE able to rescue a family of 4 this week!

So we had a special training this week from President Richardson, and he talked about how to resist temptation.  He called it 30 Seconds of Courage.  There are temptations all around us, all over the world, to every one of us.  He said to 1.Stand up 2. Breathe deaply for 30 seconds 3. While breathing think:"Who am I? Where to I want to go?  If I do this, will it take me closer to my goal?"  So I echo the advice of President and invite all to use this when we are tempted.

We also had a special conference with Elder Godoy of the First Quorum of the Seventy.  He changed a lot of things up in the mission and put a lot more responsibility on the shoulders of each companionship.  He also told us to not focus so much on the appearance of the people and just think of them as children of God, who need the Gospel.  Another thing he said is to focus on the things that really matter to to make sure we share the "meat" of the Gospel.  "Wheres the Beef?" was his theme for the conference.

Elder Godoy asked Elder Roney for an interview after the conferene...lucky.  Elder Godoy is from Brasil and asked me in english where I was from.  Of course out of habit I responded in spanish from Cedar Hills, Utah (Factory).  He knew right where it was! Said he`d come visit some day haha. I was able to see lots of good friends and old companions this week to it was fun to joke around with them for a bit. 

We just got back from going to the offices today becuase Elder Roney recieved ANOTHER pouch.  The buses and troleys here in Quito are nuts and there is no room to move.  You get the picture.  You get poked, squeezed, licked, or grabbed whether you want to or not. Its gross.  Other than that our week went pretty normal. Getting ready for changes next week.  


Elder Lomeli

We just taught him last week 😭

🎶Party in the city where the heat is on!🎵

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


DIstrict Leader: "Elder Lomeli, how was your day today?"
Elder Lomeli: "I threw `bunch Elder Roney`s love mails off the bridge".
District Leader: "Elder Roney, how bout you?"
Elder Roney: "SHAKE`N`BAKE!"   (Ricky Bobby)

People of the world that are reading this letter today will be happy to know that we have a person with a baptismale date!  His name is Ricardo and he has a date for the 30th of January.  He is 20 and has already come to church 3 times, we just havent been able to go teach him.  He is willing to learn and we are really pushing him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  We still havent found that family of 4 but we keep looking and are grateful for your prayers!

So I dont know about you guys, but our sector is the mother of all hills.  I am losing weight somehow.  My pants were tighter two months ago and I think I am going to have to send them in to get fixed AGAIN.  Oh Im going to be a toothpick when I get home.  I have NO IDEA how its happening becuase I kid you not for the last week, Elder Roney and I have eaten icecream and chicken nuggets for breakfast.  Dont freak out, but when you are poor and still wanna party, you arent going to ask about healthy food :)  I will eat better from now on Mom, dont worry!

This week as a mission we are going to have a special training from President Richardson on Tuesday, and then later in the week, Elder Godoy of the Seventy will come and address us.  Gonna be an action packed week with the Spirit.  We will let you know how it goes, because this is the first time I will meet a General Authority while on the mission.  Im pumped!

Nothing much happened this week.  We just go really wet everynight and had to run up and down hills to make it home as dry as possible.  Just the missionary life and its awesome!  All is well here in Quito and the work is moving foward!  I love this work and love being a missionary!  It has been the happiest time of my life!  I know this church is true!

To conclude, I will share with you Elder Roney and Elder Lomeli`s battle cry!:.............................."Woo I`m white!"

Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

Zone volleyball and tacos acivity.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"C`mon investigada, where ya hide?" "Mmhmm....Lomeli and Roney....gett`n it"

Woohoo New Year 2016!  Bring it baby!  We gonna baptize da whole world!  So first off Ill tell ya how we spent New Years.  Yes, we were obedient and were in the house for LOCKDOWN at 5:00.  We totally redid our area book and went to be like any normal companionship.  But, we set our alarm for 11:50 so we could be up and celebrate the New Year with the rest of the world.  Holy cow is it awesome here.  Tons and tons and tons of fireworks all across the city (we can see maybe 1/5 of the city).  And at 11:55 people take out their dummies and bash them with sticks.  At midnight they light em up and the whole street had fires all over.  It was awesome.  The music and fireworks lasted until like 6:00 in the morning.

With the holidays and stuff it made it a little bit hard to find people to teach, but we are ready for the coming week to make it awesome.  We have recieved a ton of references so we are going to find our family of 4 here soon!  

So on Sunday one of our wards decided to continue with the holiday celebration.  Instead of water in the sacrament trays, they decided to be fancy and put Guitig(carbonated water) in the cups.  They didnt have bubbly I guess, but it was a shock nonetheless haha.

Today for Pday we went as a district to a volcano.  The one that is about to explode!  Just kidding...but we went to one that is "dead" and there is a town inside of it! It was crazy, but we could easily establish a branch INSIDE a volcano!  Find something new everyday.  Oh the taxi driver totally ripped us off for the color of our skin.

Life is good.  Especially Cinnamon life with extra milk.  Oh and missionary life is good too.  I am learning tons about the principles of the Gospel and now I just got to apply them.  That is my New Years goal.  I love being a missionary.  I invite all to read Isaiah 41:10 this week.  Gonna be a good year!

Elder Lomeli

Step into my office

The street is on fire!

Inside the volcano :)

Turned into a Bob Marley dummy