Tuesday, January 5, 2016


"C`mon investigada, where ya hide?" "Mmhmm....Lomeli and Roney....gett`n it"

Woohoo New Year 2016!  Bring it baby!  We gonna baptize da whole world!  So first off Ill tell ya how we spent New Years.  Yes, we were obedient and were in the house for LOCKDOWN at 5:00.  We totally redid our area book and went to be like any normal companionship.  But, we set our alarm for 11:50 so we could be up and celebrate the New Year with the rest of the world.  Holy cow is it awesome here.  Tons and tons and tons of fireworks all across the city (we can see maybe 1/5 of the city).  And at 11:55 people take out their dummies and bash them with sticks.  At midnight they light em up and the whole street had fires all over.  It was awesome.  The music and fireworks lasted until like 6:00 in the morning.

With the holidays and stuff it made it a little bit hard to find people to teach, but we are ready for the coming week to make it awesome.  We have recieved a ton of references so we are going to find our family of 4 here soon!  

So on Sunday one of our wards decided to continue with the holiday celebration.  Instead of water in the sacrament trays, they decided to be fancy and put Guitig(carbonated water) in the cups.  They didnt have bubbly I guess, but it was a shock nonetheless haha.

Today for Pday we went as a district to a volcano.  The one that is about to explode!  Just kidding...but we went to one that is "dead" and there is a town inside of it! It was crazy, but we could easily establish a branch INSIDE a volcano!  Find something new everyday.  Oh the taxi driver totally ripped us off for the color of our skin.

Life is good.  Especially Cinnamon life with extra milk.  Oh and missionary life is good too.  I am learning tons about the principles of the Gospel and now I just got to apply them.  That is my New Years goal.  I love being a missionary.  I invite all to read Isaiah 41:10 this week.  Gonna be a good year!

Elder Lomeli

Step into my office

The street is on fire!

Inside the volcano :)

Turned into a Bob Marley dummy

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