Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Black Year Gone

In west Lago Agrio born and raised
In the jungle is where I spent the most of my days,
Chillin out , maxin, ya relaxin all cool
And all teachin some scriptchas outside da school
When a couple of JWs, who were up to no good,
Started makin trubble in ma neighborhood
I got in one little fight and Pres got scared,
He said ya movin wit Elder Roney in cold air.

(to the tune of Fresh Prince)

Well people I certainly had a....different Christmas.  We were locked in our house from 6pm on the 24th and the 25th and we couldnt leave for anything whatsoever.  So, Elder Roney and I called in some Pizza Hut and had a jollly ol time.  We ordered double pepperoni and Chicken BBQ for those who were wondering.  It was rico.

It was special becuase I recieve the letters from Gmas grandkids party and the advent calendar all before Christmas, so it was great to read your letters that day!  I also recieved the letters from the best ward in the world #CedarHills17 right before Christmas as well!  Thanks to all who wrote a letter!  And who can forget the killer time I had to skype home!  It was super good to be able to talk to the family! (Sorry my head looked really big on the screen haha).

This week we were able to find TWO new families that live in the same house.  The "wives" are sisters and their "husbands" are just super cool.  Just got to get both couples to get married now.  We are starting to see some success as far as finding goes.  Wish us luck to be able to gelp them progress! Their names are Ana, Nestor, Erica, and Edwin.

  A bird pooped on my shoulder during a contact to a stranger and on Sunday a young woman in one of our wards asked me why my cheeks are so chubby..... Gotta love the sense of humor in Quito.

I have now gone a whole calendar year without touching American soil.  2016 will be different in all aspects of my life.  I love being a missionary and spreading the Gospel.  Just seeing people start to progress gives me a smile that I cant wipe off my face.  The happiness that the Gospel brings in just so contagious :)  How can it not be true?

Have a great New Year! Forgive and Forget last year and move towards a great 2016!

Elder Lomeli

Proud to be American

Christmas Dinner :)

Our stocked Christmas Tree

Ecuadorian Porta potty

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