Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in the City

You better watch out, you better not cry,
You better not pout I´m telling you why,
President, is coming, to town!

He sees you when your sleeping,
He knows if your up late,
He knows if youve been bad or good,
So go baptize in a lake!

Written and scored by Elder Lomeli.  Accompanied on the base guitar by Elder Roney.  All rights reserved by President Richardson.

Well I had me some changes yesterday!  I am no longer in the coast, but back in Quito. In the sector Comite del Pueblo and Collaloma.  Thats right, I will be working in two wards and they are both on the worlds largest hill known to mankind.  Gonna be FUN!  My new companion is Elder Roney and he is from Northern Virgina almost by Washington D.C.  He is in the same group as Elder Liendo, so he is my step-son.  I will finish his training :)

Back in the coast, the Karinas as they are affectionately called passed their interviews!  They will be baptized this coming Saturday!  Kinda sad that I wont be able to be there, but we are super happy for them!  Thank you all for your prayers for them!

So this last week we were able to take a two day vacation to come to Quito (before I had changes) for the Christmas dinner with President and Hermana Richardson.  We ate some delicious turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Made us all kind of sick becuase the food is way different to what we eat everyday :)  We had a good game of White Elephant, sang carols, and played with President´s dog named Jazzy.  To make this all better, the new zone that I´m in hasnt had their dinner yet, so I will get another one! Haha!

When we got back to the coast the Elders from another sector had a baptism planned but looked like it was going to fall through.  We all go to their chapel and make a game plan.  Two went to look in the mayhem of people for the kid, two prepared the chapel, and the other two when around inviting members.  After all that we had the baptism!  And the kids mom started crying as her son came out of the water.  Really neat experience.  

I love this Christmas season!  And now that I am in Quito, its cold so its a little more like home :)  I know that Christ lives!  I like this missionary thing.  Dont think I wanna stop :)  Have yall a great week!  Good luck with the Eagle Dyl!

Elder Lomeli

Sorry, no fotos.  Camera is in the house and the top of a mountain really far away.  Next week :)

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