Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chaulafán...Not Crackers

Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown!

Well the good news is that I didnt eat crackers and water.  I ate fried rice at a chifa instead.  To be honest, I forgot it was even Thursday until another gringo reminded me haha! So we headed to the nearest restaurant and made the most of it.  We had no turkey, but we did have some chicken and mayber cat or dog. Im not completely sure.

This week the winter rains started.  It gets REALLY hot here right before it rains.  Then itll rain SUPER hard for about and hour or two, and if we arent in a lesson we turn into wet dogs.  Of course I gave my umbrella away right before the rainy season.  But then after the rain it just heats up again and the steam makes us sweat underneath the soaked clothing.  The joys of the mission :)  Sometimes people even invite us in becuase they feel bad and we get a free lesson out of it!

This week we were able to see lots of the fruits of our labors.  We have 4 people with a baptismal date, and 3 of them came to church!  One is Christofer who is 9.  He is the son on Christian who is a recent convert that was baptized with me and Elder Apaza two months back.  He plans to be baptized the 20th of December.  Karina and Karina continue to prepare for the 19th and loved church! And the last one is Atahualpa and he wants to be baptized on the 2nd of January.  He listend to the missionaries about 7 months back, but went on a super long vacation.  But he is excited as well.  Pray for these people to be able to be baptized this month!  President Richardson wants us to have a "white" Christmas, but with baptisms since we dont have snow.

Today for Pday it was raining, so as a district we went to the really small mall here and played UNO and had KFC that was a little bit better today.  I love being a missionary.  This is the time when everyone wants to be with their family, but I like the idea of uniting families in the Gospel.  Its such a blessing for us back home, so I hope to make that possible here.  This church really is true!

Ok thats enough. Gonna go stranger stalking....I mean talking :)  Hope nobody died on Black Friday.  People here think it turns into a fullout battlefield!

Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

UNO at the Multiplaza!
Our Bishops daughter :)

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