Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Wanna Kick It

🎶Mini missionary here born and raised,
And I think its about time to set the world ablaze!
And all I ever wanted to do, get a suit pair of shoes,
And leave for TWO!
If Im in the North Pole o` someplace sunny,
I`ll give Amulek and Alma a run fo their money! 🎵

Well peeps, another change has come and gone.  We finished our last cita and it was raining last night.  We call the district leader and he told us to go home and wait for the changes.  What does he do?  Comes at 5:00 in the morning!  We thanked him by throwing a water balloon at him while it was still dark.  Dont worry though, the rain had him more wet than the balloon.  My new comp is Elder Ureta!  And you guessed it! He is from PERU!  Woohoo another one.  Elder Roney stayed in Quito, just to a part with more malls and things to buy.

We have been contacting and looking for families all week, and still we havent found "the one".  We are getting close though, I feel it.  We do have an investigator named Jessica that has a date for the 6th of February.  She is progressing very nicely.  Ricardo on the other hand, hasnt been keeping his committments so we had to drop his date.  We wont give up on him though.

So this week me and Elder Roney threw tons of water balloons at dogs (we are prepping for carnaval) and we got some good reactions.  And we always see this  dog with a bloody, pussy, popped tumor on it hind end.  Its gross.  No such thing as neutering dogs here.  They have the hippy motto.

We had another week of terrible food choices.  They were delcious nonetheless.  We bought a burger every other night and made coconut chocolate smoothies at home to go with it.  A member served a mission in Mexico and made us a plate called "discada".  Its basically a taco with beef, pork, bacon, ham, chorizo, and hot dogs.  It was heavenly, and yes I have the recipe :)

Ok time to be a little spiritual.  This week in sacrament meeting a speaker said a quote that I like a lot.  He said "God wont give us revelation until He is sure that we are going to obey it."  That is very true.  We a lot of times ask for help from God, but our hearts arent willing to obey quite yet, so He witholds it for a time.  Gives a new perspective to fact that God answers prayers in His own due time.  I know that God answers prayers.  I know that sometimes we need to be the answer oursleves.  I know God loves us and will always be there to guide us.

Have a great week! Oh and BTW Elder Holland is coming to the mish soon :)

Elder Lomeli

Only the best English Tutors bring banana splits for Latinos when they pass level 11 :)


Burger with cocochoco shake :)

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