Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Fams and Frenz,

Kind of a long week let me tell ya!  Well to make it short, we were on our feet almost all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday looking for that family of 4.  We werent able to have too much luck.  But, there were a few investigators that came to church and we were able to make citas to go and visit them.  Lets hope that goes somewhere!  Its a little rough, but we wont surrender.

So, a little more on Elder Ureta.  He is from Huancayo Peru and is 23.  He has 7 brothers and sisters and is the first missionary in his family.  He is a convert of about 9 years.  He is always really happy and smiling.  I think its going to be a good change.  Another good thing is that he likes encebollado, so we`ve eaten that three times this week.  Not as good as in the coast, but still delicious.

I was studying a lot this week about the attribute of Chist: Virtue.  The famous scripture of virute is in D&C 121:45-46 and that has been my ponderizing scripture for the week.  We need to strive to have clean and pure thoughts always and to be worthy to stand in the presence of God at all times.  If we are virtuous, we will have confidence in the presence of God.  

Sorry this is a short letter, but not a whole lot happened this week.  We need to go on a treasure hunt to find Jessica and Ricardo becuase we havent seen them in forever.  The hunt begins!

Elder Lomeli

Me and Elder Ureta

Cotopaxi`s gettin hot

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