Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hey. Hey you.  Yeah you. No, not you! You!  Yeah you with the face!  Gonna eat that donut?

Ladeez and Gents its been a good week.  To start off, Ive been having lots of weird dreams lately, but one of them was of my companion.  I dreamt that he was in the movie Planet of the Apes and the main monkey had his face....Never gonna forget that one:)

The investigator Jessica keeps coming to church and is progressing for her date on the 27th of this month!  We are super excited for her.  Every time we ask her about her baptism she says that she is still 100% sure.  We just have a few principles left to teach her then she can have her interview!  We were a little bit saddened though becuase Melissa live literally 5 feet outside of our sector and we cant teach her...We had to pass the reference :/  She´ll be baptized for sure though.

Since we are working in two wards we get the chance to work with lots of less actives.  I think we are working with about 30 or so.  About 15 of them come to church, but because of the size of our sector we cant teach them all in one week.  March is going to be a killer month here in Comite and Collaloma.  There are some investigators that are in the process of knowing the church, so we hope to see some success there.  Oh! and we may have found the family of 4!  We found them contacting and the dad let us in after some persuading.  The return appointment fell, but we made another one for this Thursday!  Hope its them!

So the sacrifice thing we are doing is taking a toll a bit. I now know why they call it a sacrifice.  Me and Elder Ureta wake up way early and are always tired.  Somethimes I study standing up.  I also found a good use for the nerf guns mom sent me for Christmas!  When Elder Ureta falls asleep, I go RAMBO on him!  Its the funniest thing ever :)

Elder Holland is already here. Gonna see him Wednesday.  Chau Chau!

Elder Lomeli

Milk in a...bag?

Car = Our Dream

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