Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Singed Eyebrows

So the thoughts I had to when shaking Elder Hollands hand were similar to what Agnus said in Dispicable Me. "Its so fluffy Im GONNA DIE!".  But my words were more like this: "He´s so Elder Holland Im GONNA DIE!".  It was a really good conference with Elder Holland.  He talked a lot about how are callings are Apostolic and the importance of the task of saving a human soul.  And let me just say, Elder Holland is WAY more animated when he isnt speaking in General conference.  Slapped the podium like 5 times, said the words "stupid" and "idiot" (No Gma, he didnt say the whole phrase "stupid idiot" :) ).  But the main message that he shared was having to do with the fact that this is the only time in my life to have this calling full time.  I need to eat, sleep, drink, think, bleed, puke, and dream missionary work.  Elder Holland only shook our hand and wanted to know our name and where we were from, and from that he told us straight up that it was equivalent to a 20 min interview...That was a shokcer for sure.

We had strict rules to not speak to Elder Holland unless he spoke to us.  He didnt talk to many, but did to me.  He said "Hows that red hair doing?"  I think he just notice by sun-burnt head from the new hair cut :)

Good news! Jessica is going to be baptized this Saturday!  She passed the interview, but didnt come to church. We were freaking out and wondering where she was, but we worked it all out.  She just had a little family problem.  We are goin to her house every day this week to make sure all is well.  She is loving the Bookf of Mormon and cant wait for Saturday.  Can I get an AMEN?!

We were walking down the main street the other day, and my Elder Ureta sees two girls in their 20´s walk out of a store and suggets that we go contact them.  I agree and as we get closer, one of them says "Que mas loco?" or in other words " sup bro" in a MANS voice.  Cross that off the To Do list: Contact cross-dressers.

Its been a week with the usual highs and lows, but in the words of Elder Holland: "Salvation was NEVER easy."  I know this church is true and without a shadow of a doubt that the 12 Apostles are living Witnesses of Jesus Christ.  I believed it before, but I KNOW it now.  

Just started pouring rain.  Yippee.  Have a good week!

Elder Lomeli

Elder Holland and Elder Lomeli

Bridge of death we have to cross almost every night.  Hate bridges.

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