Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"I relate every topic to my mission, and the baptisms I had.  When I think about awesome people on and on, still makes me sad."

To start off, Jessica was BAPTIZED!  We went  by her house every single day to make sure that nothing was going to stop the baptism, and it all went well.  The font even had WARM water this time!  Jessica chose me to baptize her, so of course we made an extra effort to make sure the font was clean and the water was warm.  We had about 60 people attend the baptism, which is a lot for the ward here and it made Jessica kind of nervous, but she gave her testimony afterwards like a champ.  She really is converted to this Gospel.  Oh, and she may or may not have been super excited when she came out of the water that she hugged the person baptizing her....

I also had the opportunity of baptizing a kid named Jeremy.  His mom is a less active that we are teaching and he recently turned 8.  He chose me to baptize him as well.  When he came out of the water, he let out the bigges gasp youve ever heard.  Some thought I tried to drown the kid.  It was awesome.

Other than that, this week has been a great week of finding.  Lots of investigators that have potential to progress, and lots of less actives that are going to be rescued this coming month. The sad thing is that changes are this coming week, and I really really hope to stay here.  The wards are also being strengthened in the short time Ive been here.  

Elder Ureta found a new friend this week.  His name is Pack.  He named him Pack in honor of a missionary that went home a few months back.  Elder Ureta gets really excited when we go see him (see photo).  This week me and Elder Ureta have also become a lot closer.  We understand each other better and we are praying super hard so that we can stay together one more change to see the fruits of our labors.

With all the good things that happened this week, one cant help but think that this Gospel HAS to be true.  The Spirit has testified to many and to me about the truthfulness of this church and I love sharing my testimony.  We think that God has blessed us with that possible family of 4!  They are a reference from a recent convert and all we did was pass by their house and invite them to the baptism. AND THEY CAME!  Less gooo!!!

Anyway, have a great week.  "Read some books!"- Nacho

Elder Lomeli

Elder Ureta and Pack

Jessica at her Baptism! 

Jeremy and his mom Katy

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