Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Baptisms

"When I go home? Elder, when YOU go home, every one of those girls up there is going to be married and have three kids."

Its been a week of Miracles to say the least!  First off we will talk about the marriage of Fabian and Maricela.  We went with them to the register office on Tuesday, payed to money and made the appointment.  MIRACLE #1 The wedding appointment was made for the following day at 9 am! MIRACLE #2: President Richardson gave us permission to go two days in row to support them in their marriage.  The ceremony lasted like 5 minutes.  MIRACLE #3: We were able to put a baptismal date with their two kids, Johanna and Isaac for April 9th. MIRACLE #4: Fabian and Maricela were baptized!  Elder Ureta baptized Maricela and I baptized Fabian.  I made Fabian kneel in the font becuase he weighed too much for be to baptize him normally.  It was a great day.

MIRACLE #5: Elder Wells, a good friend from school is alive and well.  I saw Elder Call this week and he broke the news to me.  Hope all is well there.

MIRACLE #6: We have been working with Natalia who has a date for April 9th.  She and her husband (a member) were going to get divorced but the bishop was able to talk to them and help them work it out.  We finished the lessons and will have her interview on Saturday!

MIRACLE#7: Christ was resurrected on this last weekend almost two thousand years ago.  Making it possible for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father.  That is the greatest miracle of all.

Have a great week!

They got married!


Fooseball: Ultimate bachelor party

Fabian and Maricela got baptized!

It was a long week...

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