Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temple in Quito say what?!

"If there were perfect women, why would she want anything with you?" -Pres. Uchtdorf

That is easily one of my favorite quotes from Conference :)  As all heard, there will be a new temple here in Quito! But the catch is that we dont know exactly where yet.  My guess would be that it will actually be built 2 hours north in Otavalo, but the members here took it literally that it will be built in Quito. I dont believe so due to all the crime and vandalism there is here in the city.  Time to start making plans to come to the dedication!

Baptism update!  It took me a while, but I realized that we had found the family of 4!  We just are baptizing them on different days!  Fabian and Maricela were baptized last week, and their kids, Johanna and Isaac will be baptized this coming Saturday!  Family completed!  Natalia and Gladys will also be baptized this coming Saturday.  We are too pumped!

Lately we have been a little stressed due to the size of the two sectors that we have to work in.  But, our prayers were answered when I recieved a call last night that they were going to put two new missionaries in one of the wards!  They came today, and it will definitely make the work a lot more effective here.

I LOVED conference! I was pretty sad to see how fast the whole thing went, but the Spirit was so strong!  I especially love Pres. Nelson´s talk in Priesthood session about priesthood power.  I watched the whole thing on the computer with Elder Crist, from Provo.  To have some fun, we brought tons of food, and teased a few members of the various choirs that performed.  And yes, we screamed our heads off when Pres. Monson made the announcement about the temple!

It rained a lot this week.  I didnt have an umbrella, so I cut a hole in a garbage bag and wore that all week.  Kids screamed from the windows :"Mom! That guy doesnt have any arms!"  Pretty funny.

Congrats Corey on the engagment!  Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

Best rain guard :)

Choir teasing :)

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