Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during a zombie apocalypse?  I can tell you how!  Coming to Ecuador, and try to get onto a bus, rain or shine.  Push, shove, scream, and crying kids!  Its legit!

So uh, yeah! We had some baptisms this last Saturday!  Natalia, Gladys, Johanna, and Isaac all were baptized!  I was able to baptize Isaac and Elder Ureta baptized Johanna, but they both had to do it twice becuase their feet flew out of the water!  The bishop baptized Gladys and it made the biggest indoor tidal wave ever recorded.  It got the witnesses a little wet :)  We sang some songs from the red hymn book from way back in the day and it was all in all a knockout baptismal service!

Other than that it was a pretty calm week.  With the splitting of our sectors we have to start from scratch becuase we worked mainly in the other one.  We have had some nice encounters with some Jehovah´s Witnesses and all sorts of new dogs.  Even saw a woman get robbed at 3 in the afternoon.  It was kind of her fault for wearting 5 inch heels though.  Makes it easier to fall.  (Note.  Dont wear heels in Ecuador).

We just got back from a killer Pday BBQ as a zone.  A member than has tons of money grilled and let us use their three story house that has billiards, fooseball, soccer field, and a trampoline.  Even showed the other Elders how to sink 6 balls in two shots on the pool table.  Kid still got it.

Have a great week and keep listening to those conference talks!  They are truly inspiring!

Elder Lomeli

Johanna and Isaac

Natalia and Gladys (Check out that guys haircut!)

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