Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pimp My Ride

"My red car with four handlebars.....and an extra seat!"

Howdy Ho Ranger Joe!  Lets start out with the good stuff eh?  Natalia was able to come to church!  The only problem is that she works in the orient and left her Book of Mormon here in Quito and hasnt read.  We are going to be praying a ton for the Miracle of March to fall upon her and her testimony.  Fabian and Maricela werent able to come to church due to a work project that they had planned a month ago.  We visited them after and were heart broken that they couldnt go.  They had also had a pretty big fight and were to the point of not wanting to get married or baptized.  We talked about opposition and were able to help them work things out.  We are going to take them to a FHE tonight :)  The 3 of them keep progressing towards the 26th.

In our zone meeting we practiced how to do baptismal interveiws.
 An Elder from Guayaquil was interviewing sister missionary pretending to have 10 years.
 Then came "Pregunta 4".  He had to explain to her what an abortion was and he just made a farting noise with his hands exploding out of his stomach.  Nailed it.

Im starting to gain weight.  I would say that its because the members are giving a little bit more food than before, but the truth is that I havent done any excercises for 2 weeks.  Just make me the next start of Super Size Me.

We also met a less active guy that is a retired motorcross racer.  He is the son of one of the members in Carapungo (were I was a year ago).  It was cool to already know some of his life.  He let us start his motorcycle, not drive it, and fed us chop suey.  Typical Sunday night for us.

I love being a missionary.  Its amazing how fast time flies.  Sorry fam, but I could do this forever!  Have a great week, and keep the commandments!

Elder Lomeli

Chop Suey

President´s Angels

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