Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where's the Beef?

Herro erryone!

This week was pretty dang good let me tell ya.  We are still going pretty well with Ricardo, but he has some trouble reading and praying.  The exact opposite of the rest of the investigators I have had on the mission.  They normally dont come to church.  We just have to try to help him have real desieres to accept the Gospel, and not come just for the girlfriend....We are optomistic though.  We still havent found the family of 4, but we will not give up the search.  We might have to put an Amber Alert out here in Quito for that family haha.  But we WERE able to rescue a family of 4 this week!

So we had a special training this week from President Richardson, and he talked about how to resist temptation.  He called it 30 Seconds of Courage.  There are temptations all around us, all over the world, to every one of us.  He said to 1.Stand up 2. Breathe deaply for 30 seconds 3. While breathing think:"Who am I? Where to I want to go?  If I do this, will it take me closer to my goal?"  So I echo the advice of President and invite all to use this when we are tempted.

We also had a special conference with Elder Godoy of the First Quorum of the Seventy.  He changed a lot of things up in the mission and put a lot more responsibility on the shoulders of each companionship.  He also told us to not focus so much on the appearance of the people and just think of them as children of God, who need the Gospel.  Another thing he said is to focus on the things that really matter to to make sure we share the "meat" of the Gospel.  "Wheres the Beef?" was his theme for the conference.

Elder Godoy asked Elder Roney for an interview after the conferene...lucky.  Elder Godoy is from Brasil and asked me in english where I was from.  Of course out of habit I responded in spanish from Cedar Hills, Utah (Factory).  He knew right where it was! Said he`d come visit some day haha. I was able to see lots of good friends and old companions this week to it was fun to joke around with them for a bit. 

We just got back from going to the offices today becuase Elder Roney recieved ANOTHER pouch.  The buses and troleys here in Quito are nuts and there is no room to move.  You get the picture.  You get poked, squeezed, licked, or grabbed whether you want to or not. Its gross.  Other than that our week went pretty normal. Getting ready for changes next week.  


Elder Lomeli

We just taught him last week 😭

🎶Party in the city where the heat is on!🎵

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