Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CCM Week 2

¿Cómo les va? Or in English, Hows it goin?

So the second week here in the CCM has been a pretty good one.  Lots of spiritual experiences.  To start off, we finished out appointments with our mock investigator David.  He said that we did really well, we just need to slow down and not do too much doctrine in each lesson.  Now we have TWO new mock investigators: Miguel and Luiz.  They are really just our actual class teachers but they do a really good job at making it seem real.  Miguel is really hard to read, and he doesnt share his feelings and past experiences.  Its like teaching a brick wall, but Hermano Cates says that it is good practice for how the real investigators will act.  We got a new teacher for the afternoon classes.  His name is Hermano Vargas.  He is 23, and is the most happy, bubbly, and caring person at the CCM.  He is always laughing and smiling, which makes it a lot easier to learn.

So I need to share and experience about this last Sunday.  For our intermediate hymn, the district that would be leaving on Tuesday sing.  They sang a Childs Prayer.   I had never had that primary song hit me so hard as it did on Sunday.  I had been praying to know that Heavenly Father would hear and answer my prayers, but I didnt get it till that song was sung.  I actuall started to cry a little, and the branch president, Presidente Machado saw me doing it.  He asked me after if I was ok, and I just told him that I was feeling the Spirit really strongly.  He gave me a hug and said that this is the reason I am here.  To feel the Spirit so that I can go out to Ecuador and share that same spirit that I felt.  It amazes me how much I have progressed since I have been here.

The food here has dwindled a bit.  Most the other Elders in my district have had "Montezumas Revenge" all week long.  That one Nacho Libre quote has never been heard that many times by human ears.  Its "Easter" every single day, if you know what I mean haha.  The Costco pizza we get to eat every Tuesday is the same as back in the states.  The only drawback is that we have the last Comedor (cafeteria) time, so the pizza is on the colder side.  But it is still delicious none the less!  I just have Mexican blood, so the food doesnt effect me the way it does with the other American elders :)

Just hearing that we are gonna have a hopefully completed backyard when I get home sounds great!  When they mow the grass here, I kinda wanna hop on the mower and weed wacker and show them how its done at a Country Club.  But they do  a really good job, they just need to make the air smell like fresh cut grass more often.

Things with my companion have improved a lot.  We made a goal to be more than just companions.  We are also trying to be friends.  The only thing we need to work on is exactly what to teach our investigators, becuase we sometimes think they need to hear different messages.  But we somehow make it work when we are actually in the lesson.  We work by the Spirit and the lesson always seems to turn out alright.  The Spirit really is the Real teacher, not us.

I got the package y'all sent, and I loved it! I ate the beef jerky right away haha.  I hope you had a good BIrthday Dad.  I sent you a letter, but I dont know if it got to you in time.  Also, happy birthday TODAY Oma!  Dont have the party with the baloon slide until I get home, ok? Haha just kidding.

The language is going really well.  Most of our lessons are taught in Spanish, so my ears are getting better.  We sometimes sit with the Latinos during meals and talk with them.  They are really funny people.  In fact, they invited our district to play cage soccer with them today.  Im sure they are going to kick our butts.  I am getting better at praying in Spanish and being able to speak my mind when the Spirit helps during the lessons.  I just love speaking this language, and cannot wait until I start dreaming in spanish. That will be so cool.

To finish, there are a lot of Elders here from my high school. Everyone is amazed at how many people I already know, and they get a little jealous.  Im gonna try to remember as many names as I can: Jake Irving, Sterling Dahl, Kolin Powell, Austin Keyes, Zach Frampton, Alex Pocok, Austin Burt, Luke Yamada, Matt Christensen, Braden Vance, and Maddi Rees.  Small world Eh?  

Love you all, Thanks for your prayers!


Elder Lomeli

Our district with our teacher Hermano Cates

Dad, even our buses down here are all MERCEDES!!!! IM IN HEAVEN hahahaha

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