Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm All Wet...

Ahhhhhh! A Clock! -Ed

Wow I cant belive its time to write again.  Passes so fast.  The mission just grows up so fast.  This week has been WET!  It has rained almost everyday and continues to rain up until right now.  Its crazy, but at least there is no dust now!

So first off with Jorge! This guy gave us a scare this week!  We have passed by his house almost everyday to make sure that he is reading and fulfilling with his commitments.  We did a tour of the chapel on Friday and and for sure felt the Spirit! He knelt in the sacrament room and said he really felt a tranquility and that the Church was good.  We pass by to visit him the next day and he said that he was gonna follow the Catholic Church instead, but wanted to keep the Book of Mormon.  Good thing that we had Wauki there with us to help him want to keep progressing.  After calming him down, he came to church the next day, and was invited to a family night with the Patriarch and Bishop Castañeda that same night.  He says he feels really welcome in the ward and wants to continue!  He has his interview planned for this Saturday! Pray hard for him!

I was also asked to give a talk on Sunday.  The bishop gave me the go ahead to really give it to the ward cuz they arent very converted.  I talked about the theme that we have as a mission and how they can apply that into being missionaries everyday.  The theme is "Lead by Example, Serve by Love, Fulfill with Obedience, We Will Return with Honor" it makes more sense in spanish BTW.  They said they liked it and I hope that they and those of you at home can try to be missionaries in ANY moment and in ANY place.  It will give you a real sense of the love of God in your life.

We just got back from a zone activity where we played dodgeball with both toilet paper and with water baloons.  Needless to say I took four people on by myself and won for my team.  And the Sister Leaders think that its fun to poke fun at Elder Lomeli, so they dumped TWO buckets of water all over me.  They are lucky that I can only shake their hands haha.  One of them kinda reminds me of Janessa Broadbent in almost all aspects except for the fact that she speaks spanish.  They got a HUGE prank coming at them, and dont worry, their scriptures will remain unharmed :)

I love being a missionary and everything there is about it.  Its sad that it goes so fast, but so worth it.  I know that this Chruch is the true Church, and that it is directed by God himself.

I hope the family has fun in Lyman.  Shoot a rabbit for me and dunk Cameron 100 times for me.  Oh and I hope the SF Giants keep on their winstreak :)

Have a great week!  READ THAT BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!!!

Elder Lomeli

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