Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mouse Hunt

Que tal mis queridos amigos y familiares!?!?!?!?!

Well, this week we are particularly happy for many a reason.  We were able to keep working in this great work for our Lord and keep finding new people to teach.  And, things are going really well with me and Elder Kimball.  He talks a lot about BYU and sports so we can keep a conversation going pretty well.  We also quote lots of Greg Wrubell BYU sports announcements, so that keeps things lively!!

So to explain the title.  We get home from a long day of walking and I go to make something to eat.  I noticed lots of little black things on the top of our microwave and I knew we had a problem.  I said that I think we have a mouse.  We moved the table that had the microwave on it and out scampered the little theif.  He was TEENY!!! Could have fit three of them in my hand.  We chased him all around the house with a broom and an electric fly swatter that I have.  We blocked off rooms, moved furniture, and made a real ruckus.  Long story short, he was able to escape.  We are on high alert now even though we are two of the biggest human beings in the town fighting against the smallest mouse I have ever seen.  We sleep with the fly swatter in between our beds now.

This week we have an investigator progressing!  Its not Luz Maria, but she is doing a lot better healtwise.  Thank you for your prayers for her.  But the new person is named Jorge.  He is a 62 year old guy we found contacting.  He accepted a date for August 1st.  He loves to learn, learn, and learn more.  The only problem is his wife.  She kicked us out during a visit and thought we were conspriring against her with her husband or something.  On Sunday, we went to invite him to church, and his wife who is CRAZY, TOTALLY changed!  She pretty much asked for us to ask her permission to visit.  Then, out of no where, she came to church too!  And they said they both loved it!  They will progress nicely.  God really does answer prayers!

We also found a really good family this week that is willing, but will require some patience.  The Familia Males.  The husband is confined to his bed with reallly bad leg pains.  We taught them the first lesson and sawed and chopped their firewood for them.  That really gained their confidence, but they didnt show up to church. We will figure out why soon.  They cant read, and the husband is really closed, but we have faith that the wife will be able to progress.

I hope all is going well for everyone reading this.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  I know that this church is true, and that Jesus is the Christ.  Hope you all have a great week!

Those of you who know the movie MOUSE HUNT, yeah.....that was us.....

Elder Lomeli

No Mamita? No problem...we can cook

Duck Dynasty pants while mine were being sewn

Cuicocha (guinea pig lake) below the volcano Cotacachi

Sacrifices at Cuicocha :)

More sacrifices at Cuicocha :)

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