Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cow Pied

Oh hey father! Bless me for I have sinned!
I cant help you with that....wrong church.

Hey we did it!  We found people this week!  Saturday and Sunday we were blessed to find 2 families that accepted us to visit them!  We basically decided to not touch as many doors and look for old investigators in our area book.  Silvana accpeted a date for the 3rd of September and we are going to go by today and talk to her 2 daughters as well!  We also found the Macias and Masqui families.  

I cant lie though, its been pretty hard here for the last 2 months.  And I know that it will continue to be hard until the end.  Seems like everything in this world is getting more and more dificult.  Elder Wirthlin in his talks, mentions the law of recompensation.  We should never feel that our efforts, desires, tears,etc. are wasted in striving for worthy goals.  We may not recieve the blessing now, but we WILL recieve it. The little moments of joy we experience are way worth the years of struggle and strife.

Other than that, all the members here in Cayambe are saying that Im trunky and all that stuff, but I really dont feel like the end is near.  I do feel like I am a little more physically tired, but this work is too special and too true to even want to stop talking and sharing about it.  

On a funny note, this week me and Elder Chistama decided to play rock soccer while we were walking, scoring goals and the rocks passed between our legs.  So Elder Chistama thinks he is funny and kicks a cow pie.  BUT the cow pie was still wet.  Thus, he had a dirty smelly shoe, and I had dirty smelly pants.  Thanks compa.

Phillipians 4:13

Elder Lomeli "Lamoni"

Cow pie aftermath

The District SANPUNBE in the middle of the world


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