Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride!

Mock, yeah! Ing, yeah! Bird, yeah! Yeah, yeah!

Damas y caballeros, we went to Hawaii this week!  We had a super cool activity planned by me and Elder Chistama.  It was kind of a Plan of Salvation based thing with a Hawaiian twist. We watched some clips of a plane crashing then we said that everyone had died.  We had some activities where the people won or lost points and we then judged into the three kingdoms of glory.  And for the refreshment, I made grilled pineapple :)  Ecuadorians think its weird, but some said that they were gonna go sell some!

On a sadder note, that kid Kairon that we found last week told us to not come by.  He thought it was going to be like an Evangelical church, but when it wasnt, he said no.  Oh well though, what can you do?  Keep truggin along.

So yall know that my mission is coming to an end.  Today they sent me my travel itenerary.  Snap it all happened so fast!  Ill be getting home around 9 ish.  Never really thought this moment would come, but it has and now just have to roll with it and finish strong.  It has been pretty rough in this sector.  First time that I have experienced something like this in the mission.  Im going to take Elder Wirthlin´s advice: "Come what may, and love it".

Remember who you are, and what God expects you to become  -Thomas S. Monson

Elder Lomeli

Gotcha! 😘

Eating "La Merienda" with our mission leader Jackson

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