Thursday, July 28, 2016


Wanna know how I got these scars? How?!?!?!?!......Otterpop

Who wants to know something cool?  If you dont Ill tell ya anyway.  We found someone with a baptismal date!  The other two families that we found arent married and one of them doesnt want to listen.  The new guy on the he block is Kairon and he is 18.  We found him talkin to them strangers and all, and he said that he wanted to be baptized like Christ was.  I think my mouth was open when he said that.  We wanted to make sure that he came to church to we went and took him with us!  He has a date for August 13th.

In our house, there isnt much to use to do work outs so we went out and made a barbel with cement and a steel rod.  Schwarzenegger watch out.  I am going to make my comp go running with me. Hope he can keep up haha.

Other than that we passed our time in meetings, and I went on divisions witht he Elders in Punyaro.  I went with Elder Brown who is from AZ and let me tell ya, if you got a cow farm he will make you rich.  Does a cow call like none other.  He carried on a 5 minute conversation with a little calf hahahahaha.

Today for Pday the Wauki in Agato invited us to lunch and he invited us to lunch again in three weeks and he is going to make us cuy! Its guinea pig for you who dont speak the celestial language. Too pumped!

I know that this church is true!!!!!  A little tip for youth preparing for a mission.  Alma 4:19 is the only way to do things.  Just share your testimony!  

We make weights to get big.

FHE in Cayambe


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