Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Sexy 6

There is traditionally a bad habit that missionaries fall into.  Its something called "Moms not here so Ill eat whatever I want".  The consequence of this is something called love handles, double chin, and kankles.  I fortunately do not suffer from any of these.  However, I gotta whip myself into shape, hence the last 6 weeks of sexy.  No more salchipapas!

Well, I survived changes and its offical, I will DIE here in Cayambe and Elder Chistama will kill me.  We are now also the only two Elders in all of Cayambe becuase they shut down the other sector due to lack of missionaries.  We also got to move into the bigger and better house that has a washing machine!  We are going to worship that thing so hard.  And for the first time in over a YEAR, there are sisters in my district....Any advice?

This last week we had our first meeting and interview with President Murphy.  He seems pretty cool and is kind of a crier.  He expressed though his love for us and hopes to elevate the mission even more.  He will do great.

Me and Elder Chistama also spent three whole days in Quito this week.  I was dying from parasites, so I got checked out.  HAHA NO IM KIDDING.  Elder Chistama had to get his visa so he could stop being here illegaly then we had a verification meeting since he is new to the mission thing.  But one of the days I spent in the house of one of the ZLs (Elder Plant from Riverton and also from my group) while my companion went out to work.  Elder Plant got his wisdom tooth taken out of his face to I got to babysit him while he was loopy.  He wasnt that loopy though becuase they only gave him a shot in his gum and yanked the little sucker out.  Good times.

The work goes forward in Cayambe.  Still no investigators coming to church, so we are pushing for that.  We also are going to be focusing on the less actives as well.  Pray that EVERYONE, young and old, male or female, will come to church.  
Hasta ver,

Elder Lomeli

Fritada (fried pig) BEFORE the Sexy 6 BTW

You saved my life, I am eternally grateful #DotheDew

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