Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Machine that Washes

It was my fault Lloyd, I did it, you heard his last words......Not if you count the gurgling sound. :)

Hey so good news! In our new house we have a machine that washes our clothes and makes them clean again!  No more mamitas or scubbing them on cement to clean! Yay!

You know how our sector just got a ton bigger? Yeah well, we have been super busy teaching less actives and we got a rescue this week!  Her name is Bertha and she is one of the pioneer members here in Cayambe.  We kinda got scared when she went into her interview that SHE was going to interview the branch president instead hahahaha.  She is awesome and will help to turn the branch around.

We were also able to find two couples that accepted a baptismal date!  The first one is Leonel and Vanessa and the second is Miguel and RocĂ­o.  They all accepted to be baptized on August 20th, but neither of the coulpes are married. Ugh.  We are still going to work hard with them though and not let them go.

Now that there are sisters in my district, I have to always be extra happy and willing to support them, so we went to their baptism on Saturday! But the weird thing was that there were a ton of young women there from Iluman (where I was when I first went to Otavalo almost 18 months ago) and they remembered me. It was kind of werid so we got outta there as quick as possible.

The Sexy 6 still goes on.  No visible results yet, but ya mismo.  Elder Chistama is doing well and kind of camera shy.  All his pants were wet one day and he had to study in shorts, with a shirt and tie.  He locked himself in the bathroom to avoin the photo.  That photo was gunna make me famous!

Anyways, the book is blue, the church is true, and Moroni is always on the ball.

Have a super great week!

Elder Lomeli

All hail the machine that washes!

Bus names are super weird here hahahahahahaha

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