Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last week in the CCM!

Hello everyone!

This week really did fly by.  So many good lessons, teaching appointments, and excitement to leave.  I got my travel itinerary a couple minutes ago, and I leave Tuesday at 2:15 in the morning.  So I willl actually leave the CCM at 10:00 Monday night.  I will have a four hour flight to Bogotá Colombia, have a 2 hour layover, then have another 1 1/2 hour flight to Quito.  I cant wait!  We even get a hot meal on the plane too haha.  So I think I will be able to call home either when I am about to leave Mexcio, or once I get to Ecuador.  I will let you all know as soon as I find out.

This last Sunday, my district and I had to opportunity to give a mini sacrament service for the workers in the Comedor (cafeteria).  I gave a little two minute thought on the importance of reading and feasting on the words of Christ.  Afterward, some of the workers told me that my spanish was really good.  Maybe I am learning something here haha.  Then, in our normal sacrament meeting, my comp and I had the chance to pass the sacrament.  I hadnt passed in a really long time, so I jumped at the opportunity.  President Brown then asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost.  I tried to just wing it, and use some scriptures, and it turned out really well.  Once again, the branch presidency and their wives all told me that my spanish was good.  Now I just need to completely immerse myself to get the full effect.

We heard some really great news the other day.  This coming Satruday, we are having a special devotional by NEIL L ANDERSON!!! Holy nuts I am sooo excited.  He even wishes to personally greet EACH missionary as we come into the auditorium.  This will be the first time I will shake hands with a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.  Good thing he decided to come this week instead of next!

I am super glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  Just so everyone knows, I placed tiny cameras in the Lyman house to make sure that everything stays in order. haha just kidding.  Have a good time down there!  Im sorry to hear all the bad news about BYU.  At least we have basketball to look forward to in the coming years when BYU-Alpine trasfers to BYU-Provo :)

Things with my companion have gone up this week.  We had a good comp inventory, that will at least get us through this final week.  Our district has also become closer knowing this is the last week we have together.  Its ok though, four of them live in Utah so we can hang out after the mission. They live in: Riverton, Sandy, Alpine, and Park City, So pretty close

I recieved an email from my mission president that I will forward.  It is a brief welcome and overview of the mission.  I cant wait to get there!

I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel here on the earth.   I know Christ died for us so that we can live with Him again.  

I pray for all of you every night.  You were all great helps and examples to get me out on my mission.  Thank you for your prayers in my behalf.  I love all of you so much.

Talk to you soon FROM ECUADOR!

Elder Lomeli



our new latino friends


Letter from the Mission President:

Dear New Missionaries,

You have one more week in the MTC and then you’ll be coming to the GREATEST MISSION IN THE WORLD!!!  We really feel that way, and there are many reasons for that.

Our mission is new and becoming more and more obedient and diligent with each new group.  We fully expect that your group (of 20) will be as strong as or even stronger than previous groups and we look forward to meeting each one of you.  We have been looking at your names and pictures and have been praying for you.

The Ecuador Quito North Mission is made up of 230 missionaries, of which approximately 130 are Latin and the rest are North American.  We have 65 sisters.  Our mission includes coast, countryside, jungle, and city and you will enjoy a wide range of experiences and climates.   Our missionaries consistently reactivate and baptize because the people are very believing.  President Spencer W. Kimball said that the most pure Lamanite people live in Otavalo, which is in our mission.  That part of the country is often referred to as “Utahvalo,” because of the abundance of members.

We will receive and love you like our own child and will do everything we can to help you have the most rewarding mission.  We know that will happen as you choose to be obedient and diligent, which means following the mission schedule and the mission manual.

Please know that we already love you and look forward to meeting you in person in a matter of days.

With love and best wishes,
President and Hermana Richardson

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