Tuesday, December 30, 2014

¡Feliz Fin del Año!

Good afternoon family and friends!

I hope all had a good Christmas! It was so good to call home and talk to the family.  The night before on the 24th, a Hermana Betty in the branch gave us dinner of chicken and rice which was pretty good.  The next day I continued with the Lomeli Christmas breakfast tradition and made breakfast for Elder Gonzalez and I of french toast, eggs, and ham.  ¡Que rico!  I also opened all my letters and gifts that were in the package that was sent.  Thanks to all who sent me a letter! It really made the day even better.

Then as I prepared to call home, I literally ran all over the city here looking for a computer that had a working camera and microphone for Skype.  I ran all over for about 40 minutes, and finally found a computer that worked that was pretty much right by my house.  Go figure....  But calling home was great!  And to cap off my Christmas day, we had to be in the house by 5:00 and we had buttered toast for dinner.:)  Made it almost like they do in Bethlehem haha.  

This week has gone by unbelievably fast yet again.  We have three families that are progressing, and three people with baptismal dates for the 10th of January.  I hope that I am able to stay here in Lago Agrio long enought to see all of them get baptized.

Remember how I wasnt feeling good last week with stomach pain? Well, I figured that it was because I had eaten hardly anything and my body was telling me to eat something quick.  Well, this week I almost have stomach pain for the opposite reason.  We have been fed SO much this week its insane.  On Saturday alone, I ate rice, eggs, chicken, plantain, and menestra FOUR TIMES.  Oh I thought I was going to explode.  Good to know that the members and investigators think Im skinny and need tons of food.  Mom, I might need a Gold´s gym pass for when I get home.  Right when I land, they will call me and say: "See you tomorrow, Elder Lomeli".  I just know it.

Things are going well here if you cant tell.  I will ask though to pray for the health of the missionaries here.  It seems that one of us is sick and we just take turns.  Im pretty sure the mission nurse is "sick" of getting calls from the Orient about sick missionaries haha :)

Happy New Year! The Church is true, and being a missionary is GREAT!

Elder Lomeli

We all have to pile into a little car if we want to go somewhere with a member :)

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