Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day and a Borracho

Heyyo everyone!

I hope that all the mothers were able to have an amaz zuh zing day yesterday!  It was great to call home and see everyone´s smiling faces.  And for those of you who I didnt see, I bet you were smiling too.

Well this week was a lot of family finding.  I think that in total we are teaching 8 families, with 3 more that we still need to visit with.  They are all at different stages of progress, but this week the majority of them should have a baptismal date!  We are very excited to be able to teach the families, becuase there is support system to make the conversion to the Gospel easier.  Sadly, not one of them came to church becuase they were away visiting their mothers.  We have confidence they will come this week though.

Apart from being able to call home, Mothers Day was quite exciting.   As we were walking out of church to go to the mamitas house, we saw two drunks (borracho in spanish) on the corner.  One of them had his pants pulled all the way down doing some doo doo duty, and the other one was just mindlessly laughing.  We thought it was funny. Then as we passed them, they yelled "GRINGOS!!!" and started to walk after us.  Normally we can just keep walking and they will run into a pole and decide to stop, but these guys were different.  They first asked my companion to take him to church to talk with God and tried to say a prayer or something.  Then they cam to me and asked me the same thing.  I just tried to continue to ignore him, but that irritated him.  He started yelling in my ear and he had the Sammy Sprinkler effect so my ear was wet.  He then swung around and gave me a good old punch to the chest!  I was taken back by it and was about to retaliate.  But my companion stepped in at the precise moment and shoved the guy away.  They walked away and did nothing else.  But hey, not everyone can get punched by a drunk guy on their mission :)  Check that off the list!

Well thats about the majority of the week.  Elder Yañez is still working hard and not thinking too much about home.  He is excited to finally go to the temple after two years though.  The scripture them that Ive had in my mind this week is someting cool that Elder Yañez showed me in 1 Corinthians 9:14-18.  Go read it, especially to those that are preparing for a mission.  I know that this Gospel is true, and we will ALL be blessed if we ALL preach it!

Elder Lomel

We play futbol hard

The aftermath of the drunk guy :)  It was more red before

Our Mothers Day lunch

With two of our investigators Maria and Lupe and a FHE

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