Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Conversión Personal

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We welcome you back to yet another thrilling night of Missionary Football.  Our matchup tonight, The Elders from Utah against the Evasive Ecuadorians!  Who will win this matchup of two forces that are constantly against each other? Stay tuned to find out!  Kickoff is in 3 seconds!

Hey everyone!

Hows it going? This week absolutely FLEW!  We had a week of lot of ups and few downs and some real learning moments.    

 To start off, we had a Special Training with President Richardson on Tuesday.  He gave a really powerful lesson about our own personal conversion.  We need to strive to be converted if we have any desire to help other people become converted as well.  We need to get rid of our pride, be a STUDENT of the scriptures,  pour out our souls in prayer, and serve our neighbor with all our being.  These points really helped me realized that I need to  work a little more on myself before I can help others. President Richardson is such an inspirational man, and Im so glad to be able to learn from him.

We have been working pretty hard this week with some new families that we have found.  We have a family of two and they both have a baptismal date for the  16th of May!  Their names are both Maria (mother and daughter).  We took them for a tour of the chapel and they both really enjoyed it.  They just have a few troubles reading and recognizing the answers to their prayers. We have the faith that they will make it :)  We are also working with 4 other FAMILIES that have lots of questions and desires.  The only problem is that it is very evident that Satan is working very hard so that they dont come to church.  One family came though and they want to come back! 

We were doing our companionship prayer this week and it was my turn to say it.   I finish the prayer, but I never heard Elder Yañez say Amen. I look to him and he is sound asleep.  He stayed asleep like that  for another hour :) So funny.

  We have been talking to lots of people on the street this week.  But, we make it a big point to talk to families.  We contacted  5 families that were receptive and accepted and visit this week!  We had more success with the african american families.  They are way more chill and comfortable with talking to guys in white shirts and ties :)  We made some new friends this week and they said they have our backs and that we dont need to worry walking in the streets. They got us covered :)

 When Sunday rolled around,  we were able to have  6 investigators show up for chruch.  We also planned to do some missionary activities with the ward.  One investigator asked us to come to her house and help her son Frank who has been shut in his room for four years due to depression.  He is  18 and we have gained his confidence a little.  We explained the principle of our purpose in this life and just tried to be friends.  All of this was just talking through the door, but he accepted for us to come back!

FINAL (Elders win on a Hail Mary play to win 35- 28)
We were able to finish the week by rescuing a less active member named Roger.  He is 71 and he make the third rescue for us in the last three weeks! Yay!  We  had a great PDay playing volleyball and eating pizza as a district. Been a great week!

This Sunday is Dia de La Madre.  Probably one of the most importatnt days in the year.  I hope you all thank your mothers for all they have done and do.  Thanks Mom, I love you :) Thanks for helping me get out here on my mission!

I hope you all have a great week!   The scripture passages that I would invite all to read this week are Mosiah 2-4.  Really powerful General Conference in ancient times.  I think Conference was like that in the  80´s  so it looks like weve come a long way :) Hasta luego!

Elder Lomeli

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