Monday, April 27, 2015

Mitad Del Mundo

WOWEE WOWOW!  Why thank you Alfalfa :)

Heyo errybody!!!!!!!

Gosh I am so flipping excited right now you dont even know.  This week was tremendously better than the last one by far.  We wake up on Tuesday and the ZLs came over and said that we had transfers.  But they were just for one week.  Elder Ramponi from Argentina, was going to be working with me for the week.  This has never been heard of in the mission, so we all thought it was kinda weird.  But what President wants, President gets right?

So Elde Ramponi and I made a goal to return home absolutely exhausted every single day.  We were going to EARN our pillows everynight, and if we felt like we didnt, we had to sleep without a pillow.   Lets just say now, that my pillow and I have never been closer.  She may come with me to my next sector.  

To make ourselves work harder, we contacted every moving thing we saw.  We were able to meet with many amazing families and three of them are starting to progess!!!!  One family asked for our help to help them move, then we visited them the next day.  They are golden investigators, understand everything, and are really willing to learn. I will keep you updated.  We ran out of pamphlets and pass along cards as well so we will need a lot more to keep this up in the sector.

On Saturday, we were able to do some divisions with some members.  I took some investigators to ba baptism while Elder Ramponi stayed in the sector.  A return sister missionary gave a very powerful testimony and the spirit was really strong.  She even pointed out to the investigators and members present that what they were feeling was the Spirit.  THree of the four investigators that came to the baptism, also came to church the following day! Hope we wil be able to see them progress. 

So today for Pday we went to the Middle of the World monument in Quito.  I was able to walk on the equator and balance an egg on a nail!  There are lots of other fun things for us to do there, but we didnt have time.  We will go back soon to visit all the cool sites and activities.  We also were able to get to know Quito better, and holy nuts its big!

A bit of funny business for ya.  We went to pick up the clothes of Elder Ramponi from a laundromat that a member owns.  I dont know anyone over there....NO ONE:  So an old guy came walking buy while we were waiting and we contacted him.  He said that mormons are a bunch of liars and hypocrites.  We tried to explain a principle, and out of nowhere, Elder Ramponi says: " No, you are a liar".  I totally flipped out thinking that we just totally botched it.  Then they all started to laugh and it  turns out that the old man was the stake patriarch...... I fell for the classic greeny prank.  

Well, I hope this week will be a good one for all of us.  Remember that the scriptures and prayer are the most important things we can do to feel the Spirit in our lives.  Do the right, for rights sake, like Shiblon in the Book of Mormon.  Dont do it for the recognition of men.  I know this Church is true and I love being a missionary!  Talk to ya soon!

Besitos :)

Me and Elder Yañez in the middle of the world

Mission Tradition

Got the egg to balance!!!

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