Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Halfway Done Conference-wise!

Hey everybody! Hows it goin?!?!?!?!

This week has been a really great one if you ask me.  To start things off, I would like to tell you about Tupak.  So Tuesday, was the 31st of March, and we still hadnt seen our miracle yet.  We go to see Tupak at 7:30 at night (last hours of the month), and he gives us the good news that he has permission to be baptized again!  This was a total shock to Elder Luque and me, but we were so grateful to our Lord to let us see this miracle.  Tupak then set his own date for the 11th of April, and his dad even signed the baptismal form, so its a straight shot from here!  His dad said that maybe the baptism would be able to help Tupak focus more in school and change his overall attitude.  He couldnt be more right!!!!

Elder Luque was having some pretty big migranes all week, so we were at kind of a stand still with too much work.  We had a great zone conference on Thursday, where we said goodbye to 4 missionaries that are going home this week.  It was a great moment of testimonies, photos, memories, and who can forget the most important part.....FOOD!  Twas yummy :)

  Then later that day, a member invited us to their house to eat franesca (12 grain soup with a million other ingredients) becuase is was Holy Friday for the catholic church.  It was alright, but was strange at the same time.  Dont know if I´d eat it again though.

Now for Conference!  It started out rough, and not just because we didnt have conference cinammon rolls.  Because we ate franesca the night before, I threw up right as we were walking out of our apartment (first time in YEARS).  I felt better after that, so we went to the stake center to watch conference.  The internet wasnt working so we were only able to watch the first session in spanish.  Halfway through the third session I made a bee-line for the bathroom and hurled again, so I missed the rest of the session.  In between sessions, we went to a pharmacy in Otavalo to buy me some pills.  Right after we bought the pills, I hurled AGAIN in the trash can in the street.  Restaruant owners got made at me :)

We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon and Priesthood sessions in english.  To make it even better, the room was just filled with gringo missionaries :)  The Priesthood session there were 6 of us in there, and we all really enjoyed Elder Ballard and President Monson´s talks. Made me want to strive to be a better missionary and person in general.  The sessions on Sunday were watched in english too, but the internet was laggy, so we missed up until the intermediate hymn in the morning.  This whole conference was a first for a few things and it was really inspiring to me.  Lots of talks about marriage and family, and that is what I love to teach as a missionary: ETERNAL FAMILIES.

Later on Sunday, we recieved the changes in the mission.  I am now serving in Quito, in the neighborhood of Calderón, in the sector of Carapungo.  My new companion´s name is Elder Yuñez and he is from Peru ( 4th straight Peruvian companion).  This is his last change so I will be "killing" another missionary :).  I am excited for our adventures here in Quito and even more excited for the food situation to improve! haha

Sorry this was a long one, but it was an eventful week! I encourage us all to read, re-read, and APPLY the things that we learned in General Conference.  To remember D&C 1:38, the words that all the General Authorites spake were the words of the Lord that we need right now in our day.  

I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

 The Gringo elders watching Priesthood

Missionaries of Zona Imbabura

Me and Elde Luque dressed as natives

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