Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Welcome to Quito

Hello friends and family!

Peekaboo!  Im back again!  These weeks keep on flying by. I have no idea where the time goes!  Things are pretty good here in Quito.  There are lots of people, cars, dogs, houses, and dog poop.  But, there are always people to talk to and invite to partake of the Gospel.  We have been trying to contact the families that we seen in the street, and its had some success!  Way easier to share the Gospel with families.  And a big difference here is that it hasnt rained a bit!  Really a tender mercy.

Our house here is bigger than my last, but just like it was in the jungle, the neighbors BLAST their music from 7 am to 11 pm.  Its all good though.  As a zone, we meet up at the stake center every other day and play soccer.  So much soccer and so little baseball makes me crazy, but I get a little better everytime.  And the other Elders in the zone affectionately call me Elder "Lamoni", we all get a good laugh out of it.

I am really enjoying my companion Elder Yañez.  He is a really hard worker and doesnt like to sit around and do nothing.  He has a really good attitude for the mission even though he is going home in 5 weeks.  When I first saw him I thought that he was Gavin Olsen :)  He even acts like Gavin a bit so it brought back some good memories and made it easier to get to know him!  We get along well and work like horses. 

As far as investigators, we have a familiy of three women, Maria(50), Maria(24), and Lupe(19).  Maria and Lupe are the daughters of Maria and they have a projected baptismal date for the 2nd of May!  They all had children out of wedlock so we are working really hard with them.  They even came to church yesterday and said they wanna go back!  Then after church they invited us to their house for coffee :)  Still got a ways to go, but we see a lot of potential with them.  We are also working with Roger.  He is 71 and was baptized 40 years ago, but there is no record so he will have to be baptized again.  He just has to marry his girlfriend and he is golden!

I already love working with the ward here.  There are members that actually want to work with us and fulfill their assignments that they recieve.  The ward runs smoothly, and our ward mission leader is way legit!  He does his job really well so that we can focus of ours!  A recent convert loves the missionaries so much, that she invited us over to her house to help her kill her chickens!  Soo cool!

Then today we went to the Quicentro mall near the mission offices that are like 30 minutes away.  Holy Hannah Montana that mall is huge.  Makes University Mall look like a flippin playground...no joke.  It was amazing.  Then we took a nice walk and got lost in Quito :)

Well if you cant tell, the life here in Quito is more hectice and always on the go.  I already love working here, but I still miss the jungle obviously.  But no matter where we serve, the work is the same, the church is the same, and the result is the same.  I feel so blessed to be here helping more people come unto Christ.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.  Have a great week!

Elder Yañez next to a massive ravine in our backyard

 Me and the ravine

New missionary pad

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