Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hello!  Message incoming and will explode if not read in 5 minutes........ :)

Well everyone, this week has been a great week here in Quito but, like every week, has a few hiccups.  By the title, you can guess that it has been raining everyday this week.  The people here say that the weather is crazy becuase its sunny and 5 minutes later its pouring rain.  I just smile pretty and think : " Poor thing...YOU DONT KNOW CRAZY WEATHER...... YOURE NOT FROM UTAH!!!!!".  But weve had wet shoes all week but its been great.

We seem to have some bad luck on our side though.  We have a lot of appoinments fall and the backup plans as well.  But, that just means that we get to practice social skills (flirting skills according to the Latinos) and contact people.  We find some people everyday that show a little bit of interest, so we will be going to their houses in the next few days to share the Gospel.  Elder Yañez made a point that if I can talk to people in the street in another language, I can talk to a girl when I get home.  Someone make that doctrine please becuase I might need it.  :)

We had one day though this week that was just terrible.  It was Thursday, and we had EVERY SINGLE appointment fall.  It was raining and that didnt help our contacting efforts in the slightest.  Not even the people in the street wanted to talk to us and it was the same for knocking doors.  NOTHING.  Even when we went to see members they couldnt attend us.  But Elder Yañez told me that on days like that is when we need to excercise more faith and put in more effort.  The Lord will bless us for our efforts as much as He wil for the results.  Too true.

On Saturday we had a really awkward lesson.  We were teaching a less active member from Otavalo.  I thought I had seen it all being there for 3 months but those months didnt prepare me for what happend.  She started breast feeding which is normal and doesnt affect us.  But, the child who was like 3 pulled down her shirt so that both of the (I cant say that word as a missionary) were hanging out.  And the worst part was that she didnt fix it! And the lesson lasted another 10 minutes.  We had to do our best to avert our eyes and the lesson ended up really well.

On Sunday I was chosen to give a talk.  I gave it on the idea that all members are missionaries, but it was given to me 15 minutes before the meeting so I couldnt prepare anything better.  I think all the members were amazed that I could speak Spanish, rather than listen.  I had three people ask me what I talked about becuase they couldnt remember.  Maybe my spanish needs work still but I felt good about the talk.  I just dont even get nervous anymore and that makes things easier.

Well, this week was fast and typical.  I am getting along really well with Elder Yañez.  I almost feel like we are really good friends in addition to mission companions.  He isnt to anxious to go home and just wants to keep working hard.  He has taught me mostly by his example instead of words and I thing that works better.  In Jacob 2 and 3 it talks about how we need to be good example to others or else we will have the sin upon our heads because we werent a good enought example.  Example is everything.  Our mission these contains the phrase "Lideramos por Ejemple" or we Lead by Example.  So true.

I am so glad to be a missinary and I cannot wait for the experinces that lie ahead.  Read the scriptures daily and pray as often as you can.  The Lord will let us feel his presence more fully if we do that and I testify to that promise.  I feel better doing it.  This Church is true and I love this Gospel!

Elder Lomeli :)

I dont have photos this week, but Ive got a great scripture that I found!!
2 Nephi 22:2 :)

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