Monday, March 30, 2015

Feliz Pascuas!

Hola queridos amigos y familiares!

Well, what can I say.  This week was kinda hard as far as the missionary work goes. To start off, Tupak has had some more challenges with his father that made is so he will not be baptized for a while.  His dad even took him out of school for skipping a day, and also forbade him to come to church.  Tupak feels really bad, but we keep passing by to see how he is and encourage him to perservere with a good attitude.

We also had a lot of appointments fall through this week too.  But we didnt let that get us down.  We whipped out our pamphlets and started knocking doors.  We found a couple people that seem a little interested, and others that say they are fine the way they are.  Oh well, they just arent ready.  We also contacted a couple Yachacs, which are like native witches that cure people.  They are funny people to contact and give us a good laugh.  We met another guy that is such a good Christian, that he doesnt kill ANYTHING, not even a fly.  Instead, he invites the fly to land on his plate, let it eat a little, then eat the fly......I guess eating isnt killing here in Iluman :)

Our focus has been a lot on the members this week.  We visited a ton and many of them are less active.  Almost all of the two cities that make up our sector are filled with members, just less active ones.  To try to counter this we held a Tarde Misional at the chapel Sunday evening.  We teach the missionary lessons, but make them more dynamic and easy to learn.  Yesterday, we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and had dynamic activies for the 5 principles: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Endure to the end.  So far we have only had active members come, but with time they will spread the word, and we hope to have all the city coming to church and to the tarde misional.

Well, the countdown has started for General Conference!  I cannot explain how excited I am.  The missionaries in my zone all feel that President Monson is going to say something huge.  I love being a missionary and helping others come unto Christ.  This Church really is true!

I love ya, and have a good week!

Elder Lomeli

Got me a cow named Elder Valverde and Elder Gomez 

Normal lunch of abbas, potatoes, and toasted corn

Sunrise behind the volcano Imbabura

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