Monday, March 2, 2015

Sé Que Vive Mi Señor

Muy buenas tardes amigos y familiares!

Are you serious? Am I writing yet again?  Well, thats just how time passes I guess.  This week has been a great one!  I am getting along better and better with my new companion Elder Luque and we had a very successful week.  We were able to contact a ton, at least for this specific sector, and find 2 new families to teach!  We have a companionship goal to contact people on the street primarily, and that is how we found these two new families!  We have yet to teach them, but they accepted appointments for later this week!  Time for faith and crossed fingers!

We were also able to find a different family of 11, 9 of which are less active members, and the two youngest are eligible to be baptized.  We were only able to talk for a few minutes but they said that they moved from a different ward up the street, and stopped going to church becuase the members didnt fellowship them.  We have seen that to be a big problem for lots of less actives in our ward.  The members arent truly converted to the Gospel.  So, as a zone, our focus is to strengthen the members here and get the work rolling!  We are pumped!

So our zone got meshed this last transfer, so we are 22 missionaries in the Zona Imbabura.  We also make the biggest zone along with the Zona Ibarra that also has 22 missionaires.  Two of the Elderes from the jungle, Elder Ashby and Elder Poma, are in our zone now so its cool to see how things are going in Lago Agrio.  We feel like a really big family, and we all already get along really great!

This week has been a lot of eating potato soup and choclo (corn on the cob).  We are fed this almost ever day and I think Im getting a little fatter now haha.  We have the occasional rice with meat that we ate in Lago Agrio, so thats nice when that happens.  At the casa, we eat a lot of chicken nuggets and some yellow rice that Elder Zambrano taught me how to make.  We eat for sustenance mostly haha :)  We have another goal to start eating healthier as a companionship though.  We will be buff in spirit and in body!

Some news on Tupak!  So last week, he was supposed to have his baptism in the Catholic church, but he lacked some classes or something like that. So, his dad said that he could baptize with us towards the end of March or beginning of April.  Now, all Tupak needs to do is to is finish a little booklet, baptize a Catholic, and then he is golden with us!  It all sounds strange I know.  Why are we letting him be baptized into an apostate church first? Good question.  His dad says that is the only way he will give Tupak permission.  Tupak understands that the baptism isnt valid and all that stuff.  We prayed as a companionship and we had the feeling that we need to let Tupak follow through with it first, then come into the true fold of the Shepherd.

This week, I have listend to the hymn, I Know That My Redeemer Lives, or in spanish, Sé Que Vive Mi Señor.  I think this hymn is starting to become on of my favorites.  I feel this Spirit every single time I hear it, and I think about all that the Savior has done for me.  He has done the same for every single one of us.  We should be eternally grateful for His humble sacrifice.  I can now say for a surety, that I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVES, and this is His church here on the earth.  

Have a great week! I get to go talk to some strangers!  Lessss gooooo!

Elder Lomeli

The Elders of Barrio Iluman : Lomeli, Herrera, Bishop Gonzales, Valverde, Luque

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  1. Elder Lomeli, good to know that you are being fed well. That burger looks mighty tasty! ;) - Shelby W.