Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready and GO GO GO!

Im glad they called me on a mission......Now that Ive grown a foot or two!........Wheres a map. -Dallin Martin

What a great week this week!  We just got back from a little hike to the lighthouse so we are nice and sun burnt and scratched up.  Gotta love it. 

So we recieved some very suprising news Thursday night at ward council.  The Espinoza family wanted to get baptized Saturday!  That left us with only two days to find the clothes and make sure all was taken care of.  Luckily this time I didnt have to climp into the celing, but I was willing to do it either way.  Irene and Neila were able to make the covenant of baptism.  I had the honor of baptizing Irene (the mom).  It was a great service and they shared powerful testimonies after they were baptized.

I dont know how many of you remember Jorge, the guy that we found in Agato with Elder Kimball.  He was the one who got to the day of his baptism and decided not too.  Elder Kimball just advised me that he was baptized this last week too!  Miracles do happen!  It has been a really good week for sure!  I knew that Jorge would be baptized and I am glad that one of us that found him could be there for it.

On Wednesday we had a training from President Richardson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He focused more on repentance and endure to the end.  We wre able to watch some clips of Rey León (Lion King) to help us understand.  We all just laughed for 10 minutes at Rafiki the monkey.  Funny guy.  They also fed us a grilled cheese lunch.  The Latinos were disappointed but the gringos had a BALL. We ate NORMAL FOOD!

I learned that this week Elder Arrieta was in a military high school.  And there, the higher the grade you are, you have TOTAL command of those lower than you.  He said that in his last year he only had to say he was thirsty and someone would buy him a drink of his choice.  He said he was pretty much a drill sargeant.  Hope he doesnt try any of that stuff on me haha.  We get along great and we actually cook quite a bit and make good food. Well, good for our time and resources ;)

I love this Gospel.  I love being a missionary.  I know that God directs this work and we are His instruments.  As it says in PMG and in the missionary handbook, I am having the happiest moments of my life up until now.  I love helping famililes find the truthfulness of the Gospel.  Go share it!

Peace out girl scout

Elder Lomeli

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