Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I'm an Actor

"Youre the one that I want, HOO HOO HOO! Hunny" -Grease

Well thats the start of the new career folks!  I dont know if you knew, but I played Sandy in that movie.  I just barely made my welcome back appearance as a young blonde.  Our ward had a talent show this week, and me and Elder Arrieta joined the Elders Quorum for their act.  We did a RM presentation, and I played the ditsy blond girlfriend that somehow, magically, mysteriously waited.  The bit was that the RM wanted to say a prayer for EVERY little thing he did. To sit down, stand up, enter a house, etc.  The RM and the girlfriend go to eat and she goes off.  She wants to end the relationship, and the RM says "Lets at least end with a prayer!".
It was a fun night.  I had to embarrass myelft a lot but we gained the confidence of a lot of ward members.

Another highlight of the week is that we were able to give a lot of service.  We helped a less active who is also a RM paint a store.  Then on Saturday, Ecuador celebrated 50 years of the church being in the country.  We were able to clean up a park and paint all the benches and make it look pretty.  We all wanna serve God, so to do it, gotta go serve that fellow man o´er yonder wood.  Youll get blessings I promise.

I ponderized my first scripture this week (yeah I know, I started late), but its Alma 32:27.  Sometimes we are confused as to what faith really is.  If we can have a desire to believe, and expound upon the desire, it will turn into unshakeable faith.  So just start with that DESIRE to belive!

I just got back from a very exciting PDay walking around a grocery store for an hour and a half and eating less than decent KFC.  It really tastes better in the US.  We are going to work hard this week to leave tons of investigators for the missionaries that will be here next change.  We have started to work with the older brother of Hans who was baptized in August whos name is Boris.  Please pray that he will have the desires to go to church!

Well, time has gone fast yet again, and I must depart (dramatic right).  The neighborhood keeps asking me where is my RM....  Keep reading the Stick of Joseph.  Its a pretty cool book.  It has pictures and stuff (in back).

Have a great week! Eat some scones and chili for me for Halloween!

Elder Lomeli

Here is the clan. Sandy is in the middle :)
Dog named Mr. Weenie that lives in the first floor of our apartment

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