Monday, October 12, 2015

Monkey Business

Mormons can be Buddhists too....._ Danny (Sons of Provo)

This week FABULOUS!  To start things off, the Espinoza family passed their baptismal interviews!  They are going to be baptized on the 24th of October and they are super excited.  The dad sadly decided to wait more time to see if he wants to get baptized or not.  It may be a little struggle though becuase they work and study 2 hours away and they daughter now has school on Saturdays.  It will all work out though.

The elders of the sector right next to ours had a baptism this week.  Their chapel for some reason does not have a baptismal font, so they come to our chapel for their baptisms.  We show up and the font is locked and the closet with all the baptismal clothing.  Our bishop happened to be in Ibarra (5 hours away) with the keys to the two doors.  So what do four elders to when there are no keys?  Turn into monKEYS.  I was chosen to climb up a ladder into the cieling to jump down inside the font to open it up.  It was super dirty and small up there, and I almost died jumping though the metal frame, but the font was filled, and the father-daughter pair was baptized :)  Really neat experience that I will never forget.  Just remember that missionaries will do ANYTHING and risk EVERYTHING to make sure a baptism happens.

We just go back from a zone activity where we played soccer and made burgers.  Me and another elder from Arizona made "Rodeo Bugers".  We fried onions and filled the meat with BBQ sauce and even more flavor explosions.  The Latinos were kinda weirded out, but us gringos got a little taste of home :) "BAM!" -Emeril Lagasse

Oh and I was able to give a talk this week in church.  Talked about love, and may or may not have edified a few members :)  Sometimes these things are necessary.

Hey, just remember that no matter what, things will all work out.  That is why this Gospel is so perfect.  We have the Atonement and repentance to make us who God wants us to become.  Lets trust Him.  I love this Gospel and know its true.  To proclaim it, we dont have to shout in every city bus that we see (We have had that all this week from some Evangelical church....super annoying).  Share the Gospel 

Have a great week and read your scriptures!

Elder Lomeli

Me and Elder Arrieta and out new haircuts :)

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