Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apples to.....Onions?

Elders are like onions. *sniff*.  They stink? Yes....NO! Oh, you mean you leave them out in the sun and they start to sprout curly white hairs!  NO!!!  Elders have layers...HUH?  We just both have layers, you get the picture.  Cakes! Everybody loves cakes! Do cakes have layers?

Well another week has come and gone ladies and gents.  Things are rolling here in Propica for sure.  One morning this week Elder Liendo got up early to make breakfast.  He made pasta and a plate full of chopped onions.  I wondered what I was supposed to do with them, and he takes the worlds biggest mouthful of raw onions and washed it down with a teeny bit of pasta...  I think soon he is going to eat onions like apples.

We were also able to have an amazing tour of the chapel this week with an investigator named Daisy.  We ended in the sacrament room and we asked her to take some time to ponder and pray about if the church was true or not.  When she had finished she started to cry and the Spirit smacked us in the face like a ton of bricks.  She said that she felt that the church was true, and the next day she brought 4 of her family members to church!  In total we had 6 investigators come to church and 12 less actives!  But we still struggled to get them to commit to baptism becuase no one wants to get married here.

And to make the week even better, we found this kid named Eduardo contacting.  We taught him the Restoration and he accepted the baptismal invitation.  We got to know him a bit better and came to find out the he plays BASEBALL.  I was so struck I almost hugged the kid.  He is a pitcher like me so we will definitly be working to get this guy closer to Christ.

We have lots of big plans to take this ward up to the top.  Please pray that we can find a FAMILY that will be able to progress in this perfect Gospel.  I know that its true.  It is perfectly outlined to help the family become Eternal.  I just love being that blonde haired white missionary, in a pool of black people.  Its awesome!  Gotta try it sometime!

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrreat week! -Tony the Tiger

Elder Lomeli "Lamoni"

Get this guy some Sploosh :)

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