Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Got His Dad's Nose :)

Hello.....Hi.  So, uh, whens the baby due? Baby?! What baby!?! (wack with a purse in the gut)

Weighing in at 110 pounds and 5 ounces, measuring 5'4", and all the way from Tacna Peru, my son is Elder Liendo!  

I got to Quito and it was SUPER cold.  I am definitely more of a costal person.  Me and cold dont mix at all.  I was at a missionary hotel (house of a ZL in Quito) with Elder Colfack (also from LP) to recieve our children.  The night before we wanted to order pizza.  We called at like 9.30, check all the prices, tell them the address, and place our order. Long story short they said that it was too late and werent gonna give us pizza.  Dominos is 110% more reliable in the states than in Ecuador.  We all just considered it an unplanned fast haha :)

As I was thinking about who my comp was gonna be, it though I was going to get a gringo.  There were a lot in this group.  But, I was totally fine getting a latino, preferably not from Peru because all my latino comps have been from Peru.  But there must be something that God wants me to learn from Peruvians becuase he gave me yet another one.

Elder Liendo is great.  He is very intelligent and loves to just talk and converse about the Gospel.  He looks Asian becuase his mom is chinese.  His mom is currently a less active member and his dad isnt a member.  He is truly here on his own accord and had to go through a lot to get here.  He is teaching me more than I am teaching him.  I am very excited to be able to help him be the best missionary possible.

In the sector we are struggling with investigatos attending, but we have faith that they will come.  We find new people almost every day.  That is what is great about this Gospel.  We always have a chance to change and get better.  And the Atonement is just what makes it all possible.  This really is the true church.

Come what may, and LOVE IT.

Have a great week!

Elder Lomeli

Mi Hijo ✌

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