Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mijito #3

You guessed it folks, along with all other missionaries in my zone.  I think I know have the record of companions from PERU!  My comps name is Elder Chistama and he is from Arequipa Peru. He is 25 and is one of the fruits of my mission loins.  One thing that is really cool about him is that he likes to clean and be clean!!! I think he is the most like his daddy.

So we have some new peeps with a baptismal date! Oscar and his girlfriend Wendy!  They have a date for the 25th of June, but are going to try to get married on the the 18th!!!!!  Oscar is rasta and has those cool dreds so he is pretty dope.  

When I went to pick up my companion they sent me ALONE!  They would have been better to set a three year old off alone in Times Square.  It was kinda scary but since I knew Quito well enough I was able to arrive ok.  I even invited myself to dinner...ALONE, ALL BY MYSELF.  Pollo Gus tastes better when you can eat in silence and enjoy.  But dont worry, I came to my senses pretty quick and ran to the house where I had to stay so I could breath normally again.  Better to stay with your compa.

I done been a little sick with a cold, but I tried an Ecuadorian remedy to fix it. Boil Coca Cola and add lime and drink it while its still hot right before bed.  Works like a charm.

I love this missionary thing. I think Ive said that before but Im sad that its gonna come to an end.  Gotta enjoy to the end!  God Speed.

Elder Lomeli

Took myself on a date

Hijito Elder Chistama

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