Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Doc! Youre not gonna believe it! We gotta go back to 1985!.....I dont belive it!!!

Well well well.  Im gonna be a little straight forward in this one folks.  This week was hard.  Lots of contacting with no real success, and Oscar and Wendy decided to stop visiting with us.  Frustrating to say the least.  We are still chuggin along trying to find a family that will accept us and accept a baptismal date.  

We went to Taxopamba today as a district for an activity.  Its a waterfall by Otavalo that is super cool.  We took tons of pics and ate some pizza after.  PUNYAMBE!

Also we were visisted by my companion from Agato Elder Kimball.  He and his parents came and took the four elders of Cayambe to lunch.  Super awesome and talked about a few memories.

I was comforted a bit by a few scriptures that my zone leader Elder Matute shared with me. In Alma 21 it talks about how the people didnt want to listen to Ammon and his brethren. But when they kept going, and kept being diligent they were given much success.  I hope it comes soon after a good effort on our part.

Enjoy Stadium of Fire and TIM MCGRAW....So Jealous

Elder Lomeli

Catch me Elder Valentine!

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