Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sloppy Joe´s

Hey so thanks to al for the Birthday wishes!  It was a good day and ate like three cakes...  Well, my face was smashed into a cake three times to be exact.  I love the members here a ton in Cayambe.  My district even bought me a cake!  20 years old now, still lots of things illegal for me dang it.

Update on Oscar and Wendy!  We might need to call an amber alert cuz we havent been able to find them all week.  They did mention to us last week though that they want to get married and baptized!  Just. Have. To. Find. Them. First......

I also had the final party thing with President and Hermana Richardson.  We ate lasagna and told funny storeis from the mish.  The winner was Elder Jeffrey though.  Lets just say that the parasites got the best of him haha.  Then we had a last testimony meeting and a going away video with pics of all of us.  Then on the way back to Otavalo we watched Taken 3 on the bus.  Prime.  To finish that day off we went to Sloppy Joes.  Its a burger place run by an AMERICAN, so the burgers are big and good!  

The cyber guy is playing 80´s classics right now so its a little hard to concentrate.  Elder Chistama is doing great. We get a long really well.  We are both quiet for the most part, but when we do talk we laugh :)

Lets Get Rockin!

Elder Lomeli

Last Dinner with the Richardsons!

When youre on divisions with Elder Lomeli, yer gonna sleep under the stars :)

Cake smash #1

Cake smash #2

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