Monday, November 24, 2014


Hows it goin everybody!  Things sure have been great here this last week in Lago Agrio. Elgar and Luz Ceballos were baptized on Saturday!  It was such a neat experience, especially since they were my first baptisms!  I had the opportunity to be one of the witnesses for the baptism, and Hermana Ceballos had to be dunked twice becuase here hand SHOT out of the water the first time for fear of drowning.  It all worked out well though.  We had about 30 people show up to support them which was really neat.  Then the next day in sacrament meeting, they recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  In these last few days, I have literally seen their countenances change for the better.  Really awesome experience that I hope to repeat many times in the future!

 So I finally figured out that I live like 15 minutes from the Ecuadorian-Colombian border this week.  For P-Day today, a member took us to his jungle orchard.  He grows all kinds of fruits like: oranges, coconuts, bananos, guavas, pinapples, and sugar cane.  Then he cut down coconuts, and we drank the water straight out of the coconut.  Not as sweet as you would think, but still tasted good.  After we had lunch there with them, he asked us if we would like to go to the border.  We said yes without hesitation.

About a mile before the border, there were a bunch of military soldiers with full camo and machine guns.  They said that they were going to check us for firearms, so we all had to get out of the truck.  They gave us patdowns, checked out bags, and sent us on our way.  It was a very odd experience for a missionary, but it is something that we will never forget....or tell President haha :)  Then at the border, the countries are separated by a river about 100 yards across.  I almost jumped in.

Oh gosh you all would be so proud of me this week! Most everyone knows that I HATE seafood is almost every form.  I ate fish TWICE this week, straight off the bone, with the head still attached and everything! I also ate shrimp that was that nasty red color that people claim means its cooked.  I got it all down, and most importantly, it stayed down :)

I also had another first this week.  I gave a talk in sacrament meeting!  It was about Missionary Work and how members can participate too.  Everyone told me that it was good, and I didnt sound too much like a gringo when I talked.  They also said that they feel a little more obligated to help us out when the missionary efforts.

Things are going well here in Lago Agrio.  Transfers are next Monday, so we will see what happens.  I believe I will be staying here though to finish my training.  The gospel changes lives for the better.  I challenge all of you to think of a person who could benefit from the blessings of the gospel, and share it with them.  Members are the most important tool in missionary work.  Its true.  Have a great week everybody!


Elder Lomeli

cool lightning storm outside the house of the Familia Ceballos.  Notice the small houses and dirt road

drinking straight out of the coconut

Hide and seek from the comp in the jungle

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